The six pillars of the Customer Area

  • 1

    Ease of use

    Usability, simplicity & clarity.
  • 2

    Real time modifications

    Every modification, instantly.
  • 3

    Search filters

    At any section, you'll be able to filter the results at your convenience.
  • 4

    Bulk Changes

    Make bulk changes easily in two steps.
  • 5

    Unified Hosting & Domain Registration

    Control them from the same panel, discover the power of our system.
  • 6

    Own technology

    Unlike our competitors, we don’t use standard software, all our development is self-made.

Experiment the full potential of our panel

Access the demo version of our Customer Area and check why our customers consider our panel one of the most advanced on the market.

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Simplified domain management

Search and browse your domains with our filters. The perfect tool to manage them all.

Hosting management

E-mail accounts, DDBB, FTP Accounts, Redirections, Subdomains, DNS Zone. Manage your domain's hosting with only a few clicks.

Billing history

¿Have you lost an invoice? You can check at any time all the account transactions in your customer area.

Advanced tools

Take advantage of the multiple tools we offer you: Bulk changes, Domain capture and import, Contacts management, Applications.