DNS Zone of the hosting plan allows you to target multiple entries to external server, so you can use external services, such as:

-Use a hosting service with us and the e-mail service with Google Apps. -Use our DNS servers with a Redirection and Parking pla (free), but point to a blog hosted on Blogger.com under your own domain.

How edit the DNS Zone

You can edit your DNS Zone of your hosting accessing to the domains management, click the tab "Hosting" and then in the "Manage" button that appears, then go to the tab "DNS Zone" and press the "Manage" button again .

Most used entries types in the DNS Zone

A: Returns an IPv4 address, normally used to assign IP addresses to host.

AAAA: Returns an IPv6 address.

ANAME: Allows to point to a CNAME from the domain root.

CNAME: Canonical Name, make an alias of one name to another.

MX: Maps the domain to a list of message transfer agents for the domain, used largely by e-mail services.

TXT: Entry to the DNS Zone to insert text, allows the creation of Domain-Keys for example, allowing verify ownership of the domain in different online services.

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