What happens if I exceed my monthly bandwidth?

Each hosting plan covers a certain amount of traffic within the contracted service. In case you take 80% of the traffic contracted, you will be notified by email. We also do it at 90% and 100%. These email are sent to the customer contact email address.

In case the traffic have reached 100% or even exceeded that contracted traffic, we don't disable on the domain or service. The traffic is accumulated and at the end of the month an invoice is issued for that exceeded traffic.

The cost of such traffic is** € 0.50 per GB of exceeded traffic**. In the case that you haven't exceeded 1 GB, no invoice will be issued. You can see the traffic bills issued from "Admin > Billing" menu.

If you wish, you can stop the web page from consuming more traffic by activating the "Parking Page" from the domain management area. This will cause to stop the download of more files from your web hosting and will not consume traffic.

You can also upgrade to a higher plan that brings you more traffic GB so you do not exceed it at the end of the month.

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