Configure Google Adsense for Domains


This feature has been discontinued by Google, you will not longer be able to apply these changes to your domains.

You can configure Google AdSense for domains directly from your client area, with one only click.

  1. Go to the "Hosting" tab of the domain and press the "Manage" button:

  2. Go to the "DNS Zone" tab and press "Manage" again:

  3. Now you're at the DNS Zone management, before continuing you'll need the Google AdSense Publisher ID, to obtain it, access your AdSense account and at the upper right side of the web copy the code after "pub-":

  4. Return to the DNS Zone administration in MrDomain and press the "Assign Google for domains", add your AdSense ID and press the "Accept" button, note that you don't have to write "pub-", only the numbers after it:

  5. ¡Ready! With this easy steps your domain is pointing to Google AdSense for domains.

In case you've got any question feel free to contact us via ticket or online chat.