How is a SSL Certificate validated?

Depending on the type of certificate you buy you will have different type of validations available, this step is mandatory in order to complete the issuance of your SSL certificate and be able to use it on your domain.

Domain Validation

The easiest validation, you simply have to respond to an e-mail automatically sent to your email account by the certificate issuer, due to its simplicity it is normally completed in only a few minutes.

Important: In case the email account can't be obtained from the whois records of your domains, this e-mail would be sent to, if you don't have this e-mail account we recommend you to create an alias account in order to be able to receive it and validate it correctly.

Business Validation

Business validation is a little bit more slowly than the domain validation, but is still quick because of the ease of the procedure, you simply will have to validate your domain as in the previous validation type and send additional information about your company as well as respond a phone call.

Extended Validation (EV)

The extended validation or EV is the most compete of the available validations, this is because after validating your domain and business you will also be requested to send additional information to the issuer.