.dk domains

register it for 14,95 €

.DK domains, created in year 1987, pertain to Denmark, they are managed exclusively by DK Hostmaster.

Once registered, the domain name must be validated by the registrant, who will receive an e-mail with a username and PIN code, in case this is not done during the 4 days after the registration date, the domain name will be deleted.

Rates and features


14,95 €

There are no restrictions for such domains.

Registration period doesn't change

Action Price/year Periodes Dominitis
Registration 14,95 € 1 year(s) 2 dominitis
Renewal 14,95 € 1 year(s) 2 dominitis
Transfer 14,95 € 2 dominitis
Domain length: 3 - 63 characters
Transfer system: When the transfer ends, the expiration date doesn't change.

.dk domain life cycle

Domain registration
Expiration/Deletion date
Domain available Domain active Domain available

Permitted characters

.dk domains permit characters from 'a' to 'z', numbers from '0' to '9' and hyphens '-'.
A hyphen '-' is not permitted in the first or last position of the domain name.
Two consecutive hyphens are not permitted in the 3rd and 4th position.

Residency requirements

This extension doesn't have any residency requirements.

Technical requirements

The DNS servers must permit the Zone transfer of the DNS server to the primary DNS from DK Hostmaster (hostcount.dk-hostmaster.dk, In addition, every server must be registered and approved by DK Hostmaster before you're able to use them, the approval is made on each domain separately.

The registration and approval of the DNS server is made by the domain's responsible person, who must fill and send the DNS creation request to DK Hostmaster. You'll find the form entering DNS creation form


.DK domain registrations are can take up to three days in order to complete.


It's not possible to transfer .DK domains


.DK domains must be renewed the 45 days prior the expiration date. Renewals can take up to three days in order to complete.


It's not possible to cancel .DK domains.

DNS modifications

The Registry (DK Hostmaster) permits DNS changes, but only if they've been created and authorized before. If you didn't register the nameserver, DK Hostmaster will charge a fee for it, you'll find more details accessing DNS server contacts

DNS changes shall be requested directly at the Registry using the following link: https://self-service.dk-hostmaster.dk/domain

Domain owner change

.DK domains permit owner changes, you'll be able to modify this data in your customer area.

Official documentation

In this section you will find links to official documentation of the extension.