Abuse and Complaint Reporting

Contact information for individuals/companies

If you would like to submit issues regarding abuse of our services including, but not limited to: illegal activity, child abuse or exploitation, spam, malware, phishing, hacking, trademark or copyright infringement, or cyber-crime; please submit your issue to

Our abuse team will review and investigate all issues received, after confirmation of receipt, for validity and will take appropriate action. We may request more information from you to determine the validity of the compliant.

When we receive a message about a possible abuse we will proceed to check it as soon as possible and will implement the required measures to stop the attack. On most cases we do the following steps, but they may change depending on the reported activity:

  • Check the abuse report and verify that the reported activity is being done
  • Advice the customer who manage the domain / hosting
  • Within a maximum period of 48 hours we proceed to block the fraudulent site until the issue is solved
  • After solve the issue we will be monitoring the site to be sure that the reported activity does not start again

We use an internal ticketing system with a unique ID for every abuse report received.

Copyright infringement messages will be forwarded to the customer who manage the domain.

It is possible to contact the domain Owner or Admin contact using our contact form

Contact information for individuals/companies

Complaints can be sent by authorities using the following points of attention:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +34 871 98 63 87

* Only e-mails and calls made by official authorities will be reviewed.

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