Volume discounts

Incredible prices for special customers. This is how our rates for big accounts are, perfect if you offer domain registration services for third parties or manage a big domain portfolio.

+10 domains
+20 domains
+60 domains
+150 domains
+300 domains
+500 domains

Prices for each account level

The following pricing is valid for new registrations as well as for renewals and transfers. Our price structure offers you discounts based on the total number of your domain portfolio, not by extension.

How do I obtain that rates?

The rates will be applied based on the number of domains managed with us, in this case the rate is automatically applied by our system depending on the number of active domains in your account. This is calculated on the first day of every month at 07:00 AM (GMT+1).

How do the rates work in currencies other than Euro?

In order to adjust our prices and be competitive we've fixed the volume prices to the origin currency that we buy the domains to our providers. Thanks to it we're able to adjust the prices and you'll benefit from the fluctuation of the currency against the Euro, the currency in which we'll invoice you.

Below you'll find the conditions of these rates:

  • The prices of the domains change daily depending on the exchange of the origin currency in front of the Euro. The exchange applied is the one of 11:00 AM depending of the European Central Bank.
  • Any change of the pricing due to the registry will be automatically applied.
  • You will be able to check your current pricing at My account → My rates.

Volume discount conditions

By working with small margins, the following conditions will be automatically applied to the customer account:

  • Payment forms: The direct payment forms will remain restricted to account balance and credit/debit card. The rest of payment options are available, but only for account deposits and the commission charged by the payment processor is debited from it.
  • Special offers: If there is any puntual offer in any of those domain extensions, the system will always apply the best pricing to your account.
  • Rate application: The rates are not retroactive, they're automatically applied by our system.
  • Premium domains: In the case of a premium considered domain, normal premium rates will apply, the domain won't have a discounted price.

Frequent Questions

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Do I have to request the activation of the discounts?

It's not necessary, the discounts are automatically activated when the requirements are met.

Does the discounts apply to the whole list of extensions, or just to the ones I manage in my account?

The discounts are implemented to the whole list of extensions, if you, for example, manage 100 domains .ES, with the discounts you could register .COM domains with the price of the rate you have assigned.

I want discounts for an extension that don't appear on the list, how can I obtain them?

You can contact with our customer service team, we'll check the option to include this extension to the list.