Webmail in all our hosting and email plans

Send and receive emails from any web browser without installing an email client

Email management anywhere

Email management anywhere

What is Webmail?

It's a web app created so you can work with your emails anywhere, on any device with a simple and intuitive interface. You will have access to it from your own domain (webmail.yourdomain.com)

Synchronized emails

Thanks to the IMAP protocol you can have your PC and Webmail emails synchronized in such a way that they will be saved on the server and the files and messages on your account will be accessible from any location.

Additional features


It has a complete calendar which will enable you to better manage your time and receive alerts if you program your tasks.

Contacts & groups

You can manage your contacts database, and these will be added as you contact your friends.

Notes and tasks

You can create reminder notes, with the advantage of being able to access them from any location.

Multi language

Webmail has been translated to more than 80 different languages, all of them available for each email account.

Custom filters

Create filters at server level so that some emails in particular are moved to a folder, deleted, forwarded or whatever you wish. You will have complete control over all actions at just a few clicks.

Drag & drop

You can select one or multiple messages and move them to whatever folder you wish by just clicking and dragging, this simplicity of use is one of the major virtues of WebMail.

SPAM Management

The nightmare of spam mail will be more bearable as you will be able to define your own rules, add addresses to the white list, increase the sensitivity of the filters, configure the manner in which you receive messages marked as SPAM, etc.

Organization of email by threads

Treat your emails as if they were conversations, by so doing you will be able to easily see the replies in a simple tree structure, and continue to see the previous replies as the conversation progresses.

Vacation message

Define a message for when you are out of the office or on holiday, this will automatically be sent to anyone who sends you an email. In addition, it will only be repeated every 5 days per sender, avoiding inconvenience.

Spell check

Forget about spelling mistakes and easily correct the text of your emails in the more than 10 languages at your disposal via a powerful correction tool we include free of charge.

Dark theme

The entire user interface adapts with a dark color palette to fit your environment and lighting conditions. Activate it anytime with a single click.

Email accounts extendable by tags

When associating your email to a website you can do so in the following manner:


Following the + there could be any data whatsoever, and if it is the name of a folder the system will automatically move it to that folder the minute it is received. Failing this, you will be able to manage and order your mail using filters. You will better control the origin of emails and thereby any potential SPAM.

Import your emails to Webmail

Bringing all your emails from another provider won't be a problem anymore with our email and hosting plans. Use our automatic importer and continue where you left off.

Email importing guide

How to get Webmail

Webmail is included for free with all our hosting or email plans. Choose yours and start using it at no extra cost!

Webmail is made using the open source project developed by Roundcube. For more information, visit their official website. Roundcube

Frequent Questions

Can’t find the answer you were looking for? Our support team will be happy to help you answer your questions before you take your first step into the digital world.

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How can I access to webmail?

Once you have the domain and e-mail/hosting plan registered, you'll be able to access from a web direction webmail.yourdomain.com. As login, you'll have to use the data from the e-mail account you want to manage.

Can I import my contacts to webmail?

Yes, you'll be able to import the contacts that you have on others e-mail clients in vCard or CSV format.

Can I use webmail and an external e-mail client at the same time?

Yes, to do this you just have to configure the e-mail account as IMAP on the external e-mail client, in that way the different clients will be synchronized

Can I create my own folders and filters to manage the e-mail on webmail?

Yes, as the same as with the vast majority of other e-mail clients, you'll be able to create folders and filters to organize your e-mail account.

Can I access to webmail from smartphone?

Yes, from any web browser installed on a smartphone you'll be able to access and see the mobile version of the application

Does it have any additional cost?

No, it's a free-included service in hosting and e-mail plans.