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How to find the perfect free domain

How to find the perfect free domain

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Don’t limit yourself to .com or .es, search the over the 800 domain extensions available.


Having a domain with keywords will make it easier for you to be in the top positions.

Shortest possible

A short, easy-to-remember name is better than a long, wordy one.

Easy to pronounce and spell

You should be able to easily share your domain, avoid using hyphens, accents, doubling letters…

Scalable name

If it is not a brand, it is important that the domain is related to your niche but does not limit you in the future.

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Frequent Questions

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How can I search for a free domain name?

To do this you simply have to type the domain name you want to search from the domain search engine, after a few seconds you will see a list with the name and domain extensions.

How can I check if a domain is available?

To do this you simply have to type the domain name you want to check from the domain search engine, after a few seconds you will see a list with the name and domain extensions where it will appear if the domain is available for registration.

What happens if the domain I want is already registered?

If after performing the search it appears as unavailable you should not be discouraged, you have several options: contact the current owner of the domain to find out if he is interested in selling it or keep looking for alternatives, you can choose to use a different name or search for the same name with different extensions.

Can I search for domains with special characters, like accents, hyphens, ñ ...?

Yes, as long as the domain extension allows the registration with special characters there will be no problem.

What can I do if the domain I have searched for is already registered? Respuesta

In this case you would have to search for an alternative domain, with a different extension/name or contact the current domain owner to know if he wants to sell it, if the domain is managed from DonDominio you can contact him from our contact tool