Domain API

Create your own app to register, renew and manage your domains, services and SSL certificates


Tools to check availability, register, update and manage your account domains.


Buy or renew hosting services and manage all their features: subdomains, ftp accounts, databases, parking page, etc.

Email Accounts

Everything you need to manage the email and alias creation for your domains.

SSL Certificates

Tools for issuing of new certificates, renewals and reissues.


Module for accessing the management of domain contacts: list, search, check information or create new ones.

User accounts

Management of external user accounts (sub-users) within your MrDomain account.

Other tools

You will also have access to your account details and other domain-related utilities.


Develop your project in no time with the official SDK for PHP.

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API management

With your user account you'll have a panel from where manage your API access and check the usage reports

Access configuration

Configure the API access, change the login details or even enable the access to additional users, all easily done from your customer account.

Low treshold notifications

Select and configure the notifications when your account balance is low, so you'll have enough time to add more again. You won't be unable to perform new transactions from your account.

Detailed usage stats

View the API usage statistics from one single place, you will be able to see the most common actions you perform or the possible errors your app may cause.

How to start using the API

Access your customer account and fill the form to request the access to the MrDomain API

Request access

Frequent Questions

Can’t find the answer you were looking for? Our support team will be happy to help you answer your questions before you take your first step into the digital world.

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What's an API?

API is the short form of Application Programming Interface, an API is a set of protocols and functions used to develop an own application based on a third party application.

What can I do with the API?

With our API you will be able to create your own domain, hosting, e-mail and SSL certificates register and management application.

How can I request the API activation?

From your customer area, in My account, you'll see the option to access to the API activation request.

Is there any requirement to accomplish to activate it?

Yes, it's necessary to manage a minimum domains from you account or add account balance to be able to activate it. You can request more information about it contacting our support team.

Are there any use limitations?

Yes, the API is designed to automatize the register and management processes, it's limited for abusive and massive queries.