Anycast DNS

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What is Anycast DNS

DNS Anycast is a way to distribute DNS servers, in the way that we syncronize an identical copy of your DNS Zone in multiple geographic points, thanks to this your visitors will receive the DNS resolution in a much quicker way, the visitor requests this information to the server that is located in the most near location from their current position. The visitor won't notice nothing strange, simply a slight improvement of the loading speed during the first visit.

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DNS Server Visitor from Buenos Aires Visitor from London fastest route fastest route São Paulo Dallas Madrid London

Performance increase

The visitors will be routed to the nearest DNS server depending on their location, resulting in a lower latency. The initial request will be answered much faster.

Redundant DNS

We publish exact & synchronized copies of our DNS servers in multiple locations across the globe, thanks to this the service will always be available. For example, if a server in America fails, Anycast will automatically route to the next nearest available server.

A premium service… FOR FREE

Anycast DNS is a product that other providers normally offer as a premium service. In our case, we offer this feature without any additional cost, it doesn't matter if you manage one domain or hundreds of them.

Lower impact against DDoS

With Anycast DNS the denial of service attacks cannot be done against a concrete physical DNS server, even more, in case that one or multiple DNS servers are affected by an attack, the rest will continue working normally.

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Real example

A visitor from Buenos Aires, Argentina tries to access your site

269 ms DNS Server

Without Anycast DNS

In the past he had to try to obtain the IP where your site resolves crossing practically the whole planet, till he finally reached our DNS server located in Spain, this request travelled thru multiple continents and countries.

29 ms

With Anycast DNS

Now, with Anycast DNS, he'll do it against the nearest DNS server, in this case he would do it agains our DNS server located in Brazil, thanks to this we've reduced the latency in more than 200ms* for this request, the visitor will be able to access your site in less time and without the need of any action from your part.

*Approximated latency difference, based on real tests made by our team from different geographic locations.

Our Anycast network

We currently have the following geographic locations for our Anycast DNS service

North America

Dallas United States
Miami United States
New Jersey United States
Silicon Valley United States
Toronto Canada

South America

São Paulo Brasil
Bogotá Colombia


Madrid Spain
Palma de Mallorca Spain
Valencia Spain
Paris France
Frankfurt Germany
London United Kingdom
Amsterdam Netherlands


Singapore Singapore
Tokyo Japan


Sydney Australia

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Frequent Questions

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What is the difference between Anycast DNS and a CDN ?

Anycast DNS acts during the first access to the website, realizing the first request to the closer DNS server, meanwhile, a CDN acts as website files cache system, speeding up the data transfer among server and visitor.

Do I have to request the activation of Anycast DNS to use it?

It's not necessary, by having your domain associated to the free redirection and parking service, e-mail plan or hosting plan with our DNS, you'll be using Anycast DNS automatically.

What is a DNS server?

The DNS are servers which contain a database in which information related to the public IP's bonded to domain names is saved. DNS servers are used to point a domain to a hosting server.

What is a DDoS attack?

It's when a website hosting server is attacked making the website collapse and stop working. Anycast DNS mitigates this kind of attacks by spreading the traffic among different routes.

I have the hosting in another provider, can I take advantage of Anycast DNS?

Yes, it's possible. To do that you'll have to manage the domain with us, associate to it, as minimum, the free redirection and parking service and use our DNS, in that way the domain will use the Anycast DNS service. With this configuration, you'll be able to point the domain to your hosting provider by IP from the DNS zone.

What happens if the DNS server stops working

Nothing, the visitor will still be able to access your website thanks to Anycast redirecting the request to the next nearest available DNS server.