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Whois is an online query on a registered domain to view its public information. The data that will be displayed depends on the domain extension.

How to contact a domain owner

If the Whois does not show the owner’s details, you should contact the current domain registrar, so they can explain to you how to contact the owner.

If the domain is with us, you can do it from Domain contact →

I don’t want my information to be seen, how do I do it?

Depending on the domain extension it is possible to activate the Whois Privacy service, which allows you to hide the data. We offer this service free of charge.

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What's a domain Whois?

It's a query made on a domain that allows us to see its registration data.

How to do a Whois?

You have to write the domain name and click on search and the data will be shown to you.

Which data can we see in a Whois?

It usually displays information about: registrar, registration, modifications and expiration date info, DNS and depending on the domain extension, the domain contacts data.

What is Whois privacy?

It's a service that allows to hide the information displayed in a Whois.

Can I change the Whois data?

Yes, to do so you will have to make a change in the domain contact data.