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Generic domains are the most used because of their popularity, they were the first domains to be available to register, some of them are .com, .net or .org, among others.

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An authentic avalanche of new domain extensions is coming, also called new gTLDs or new domains, a new opportunity to finally get the domain that better defines your business, project or personal site.

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Country domains

Regional domains represent the extension of every country or territory, like for example domains for United Kingdom, .de domains for Germany or .eu domains for Europe.


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What is a domain?

A domain is a unique name that identifies a website on the internet, there cann't be two alike, it will be your identity on the network from where to start your online project. They were created to facilitate the access to the websites, with a domain name, we can access a website by typing the name directly in a browser, for example, without the domains, we would have to access by typing an IP (like:

What types of domains exist?

There are three types of domains:

  • Generic or gTLD (generic Top Level Domain): they were the first ones that were created, in the beginning they were assigned according to the purpose that the web would have, for example .com for commercial websites. Currently they no longer have restrictions. Examples: .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz and .pro.
  • Territorial/country domains or ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain): they are reserved for countries. Examples: .es, .fr, .it, .mx, etc...
  • New domains or nGTLD: new extensions that have been created in the recent years to add more value to the domain name. Examples: .store, .football, .lawyer, .online, etc...
How can I buy a domain?

Buying a domain is a very simple process, it can be resumed in three steps:

  • Search: from the domain search engine type the name you want.
  • Check availability: After performing the search, you will see a list of extensions in which it will appear if the name you have searched is available.
  • Buy: Once the name and extension have been chosen, you can configure the domain and finish the purchase process.
How can I transfer a domain?

If you are the owner of a domain and you want to change it to another provider, you simply have to initiate the transfer from the new registrar to which you want to transfer the domain and then accept the process. Note that the acceptance process may vary depending on the domain extension, in, in the information page of each extension you can see more information about it.

I registered the wrong domain name, can I change it?

Unfortunately it is not possible to cancel or modify the name of a domain once it has been registered, you would have to register a new domain with the correct name.