How to use a domain for my blog at

To use your blog in MrDomain simply follow this steps:

  • Note that your account must be Premium, you'll find more information here: Premium Features.

Register your domain:

You must register your domain, choose the desired domain name, check if it's not registered and complete the purchase. (Remember you'll have to wait till the domain is active, this can take up to 12-48 hours, depending the domain extension).

When configuring the domain at the shopping cart write this DNS servers:


If you already own a domain:

Now that you've got a domain, you'll need to associate it to your blog, to do so you'll simply have to edit your domain's DNS servers:

Configure your domain

  1. Enter your client area -> My Domains.
  2. Now enter into your domain management, clicking the domain.
  3. Go to the "DNS" tab and press "Modify".
  4. Write this DNS servers and save the changes:
  5. You just changed the DNS servers, note that this type of changes can take up tp 12-24 hours to be shown, till then it won't work. Now we must "tell" wordpress the domain we want to use for our blog:

Configure your account

  1. Enter with your username.
  2. Go to the "Configuration" tab and then "Domains".
  3. Press the "Add domain to blog" button.
  4. Write the domain you registered and save the changes.
  5. Now will notify you that in case your account isn't Premium you'll have to purchase this subscription in order to make this changes work.
  6. Once the purchase has been done return to "Configuration - Domains", press the button you'll find on the left of your domain and press "Update main domain".
  7. ¡That's it!

Now you only have to wait to update their records (this can take from a few minutes to a few days) and your blog will start working under your domain.