How can I create mail redirections and aliases?

Whenever you have a different plan than "Redirection and Parking", you can create a mail redirection or an alias from the domain management area.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Access the list of domains from "Admin" > "My Domains"
  2. In this list, click on the domain in which you want to create an alias or mail redirection
  3. Click the "E-mail Aliases" tab
  4. You'll see a button for "Create E-mail Aliases"

You can see the necessary fields to create an Alias. It is necessary to fullfill a name for the alias, such as "" and a destiny email such as "". This way if someone sends an email to it will be forwarded to

It is not mandatory that the destiny email is a email from your domain. It can be any existing email from any domain.