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Corporate information

“Low cost domains, just like you want them”.

Our slogan, our motivation and reason for being MrDomain. Your reliable registrar

Since 2007 we offer great prices from the first purchase, without large amounts or prepayments and also something that differentiates us from our competitors: The best domain management application you can find in the European market.

Completely designed and programmed by our technical team, a complete online application, where your needs will be met in real time, with no delays, a very simple and intuitive way to easily manage your entire domain portfolio.

We want our customers to have a good experience with our online shopping system

We also want to differentiate ourselves in the quality of our sales and technical support, with a team of people responsible for answering all your questions, no waitings through our “Online Support” or using our ticket system, 365 days a year.

We want our customers to have a good experience with our online shopping system, which is why we offer five different payment methods, we're sure you find the one that best suits your preferences. And last but not least, you get “dominitis” for every purchase you make.

Corporate information

After obtaining our first accreditation to become an ESNIC registrar (organization belonging to RED.es and responsible for managing .es domain names) and obtaining the EURid accreditation for the management of .eu domains, we decided to expand our accreditations and be able to offer without intermediaries the largest number of domain extensions (TLDs).

In this way, after complying with certain stringent technical, legal, safety and solvency requirements we obtained the ICANN accreditation (Agency responsible for managing domain names worldwide), what allowed us to grow in the number of accreditations, being our intention to continue increasing this number continuosly.

MrDomain is a trademark owned by Soluciones Corporativas IP (SCIP).

Our accreditations



    ICANN is the entity responsible for coordinating the assignment of unique Internet resources around the world (TLDs, IP addresses and DNS servers).

  • VeriSign


    Verisign, Inc. operates the largest doman name registry in the world, being the provider of .com, .net, .name, .tv, .cc and .jobs extensions.

  • EURid


    The European Registry of Internet Domain Names is the European Comission entity responsible for managing .EU Top Level Domains

  • PIR.org


    The Public Interest Registry is the official manager of .org extension.

  • Google Registry

    Google Registry

    Google is one of the biggest tech companies that has bet from the beginning in the new domain extension or nGTLDs.

  • NeuStar


    NeuStar is the company that provides and manages all aspects of .biz, .travel, .us and .tw extensions among others.

  • Afilias


    Afilias manages the records of the .info generic extension, one of the most common TLD since its launch.

  • Red.es


    Red.es is the public company under the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, responsible for managing the .es extension.

  • .DE


    We are an accredited registrar and member of DENIC, the .DE domain (Germany) registry.



    AFNIC is responsible for the management of the .FR ccTLD, the ccTLD corresponding to France. Also manages other ccTLDs like: .RE, .PM, .TF, .WF and .YT.

  • Nominet


    Nominet is responsible for the management of .uk domains, corresponding to the United Kingdom.

  • Registro .it

    Registro .it

    .it extension is the ccTLD of Italia. Registro.it is responsible for managing this extension.

  • .PT


    DNS.PT is the organization responsible for managing the domains in Portugal.

  • .Madrid


    The domain for Madrid.

  • puntCat


    puntCAT Foundation is a private nonprofit organization whose propose is to promote and manage the .cat extension for Catalan-speaking websites.

  • Asociación Puntogal

    Asociación Puntogal

    Asociación Puntogal is the entity that manages .GAL domains and was created with the support of the corresponding regional institutions.

  • Puntueus Fundazioa

    Puntueus Fundazioa

    Puntueus Fundazioa is the official entity that manages .EUS domains, related with the Basque community.

  • .NL


    This extension is the ccTLD for Netherlands. It's one of the most popular ccTLDs and was the first to register.

  • .Me


    .Me extension is the ccTLD for Montenegro, but is used globally as an English pronoun.

  • .AT


    Managed since year 1988 by the University of Vienna, .at domains became managed by Nic.at at year 1998.

  • .IE


    .IE domains (country code domain for Ireland) are managed by iedr.ie (Ireland's Domain Registry).

  • Nic.gr


    .GR domains (Greece) are managed by the Greek Institute of Computer Science or ICS.

  • .IO


    Due to its tech meaning (IO: Input/Output), .io domains are used in thousands of online projects and startups.

  • .SE


    IIS (Internet Foundation in Sweden) is the Registry responsible for the management of .SE domains, pertaining to Sweden.

  • .NO


    .NO domains, the country code domain for Norway, are managed by Norid (UNINETT Norid AS).

  • .US

    .US / Neustar

    NeuStar is the company that provides and manages all aspects of .biz, .travel, .us and .tw extensions among others.

  • DNS.LU


    DNS.LU is the responsible for the administration of domains with .LU extension, corresponding to the country of Luxembourg.

  • .BE


    .BE extension corresponds to the extension of Belgium and is managed by DNS Belgium since year 2000.

  • .PL


    .pl extension is the ccTLD for Poland. NASK (Research and Academic Computer Network) is responsible for managing this extension.

  • .LV


    .LV domains pertain to Latvia, these are managed by the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science.

  • .LT


    .LT domains pertain to Lithuania, these are managed by the Kaunas Institute of Technology.

  • .FI


    The .FI domain pertains to Finland and is managed by FICORA

  • .PE


    .PE domains are managed by punto.pe, who belongs to the "Red Científica Peruana" organism.

  • Registry .MX

    Registry .MX

    This organization is responsible for managing the .MX extension, ccTLD for the country of Mexico.

  • .CO

    .CO Internet

    .CO Internet SAS is the Registry responsible for the management of .CO domains, this extension has actually a great international acceptance.

  • .CR


    Costa Rica domain names are managed by Nic.cr, who pertains to the Academia Nacional de Ciencias.

  • .CL


    Chile domain names are managed by Nic.cl, who pertains to the University of Chile.

  • .PR


    .PR domain names correspond to Puerto Rico, they are currently managed by NIC.PR.

  • .SI


    .SI domains are managed by ARNES (Academic and Research Network of Slovenia). We're the only Spanish .SI domain registrar.

  • .ID


    .ID domains pertain to Indonesia, these are managed by the Indonesian Internet Domain Name Registry.

  • .IN


    .IN domain names pertain to India, they’re currently managed by NIXI

  • .HN


    .HN is the domain for Honduras, which is managed by the Centro de Register de Dominion de Honduras.

  • .SX


    .SX is the extension corresponding to Sint Maarten.

  • .PW


    .PW is the domain space for individuals and companies that want a Professional presence in the Web.

  • .TW

    .TW / Neustar

    NeuStar is the company that provides and manages all aspects of .biz, .travel, .us and .tw extensions among others.

  • .FM


    Corresponding to the Federated States of Micronesia, is commonly used by radio stations as an abbreviation for "Frecuency Modulation".

  • .WS


    .WS is the ccTLD of Samoa. It has generally been used to refer to Web Site or World Site.

  • TelNic


    Telnic is the company in charge of managing the .tel extension, used only to store personal or business contact information.

  • SO Registry

    SO Registry

    We're the first spanish registrar accredited for the .SO, the ccTLD of the Republic of Somalia.

  • .PH


    .PH domains pertain to Philippines. Since January 2016 we're an official accredited registrar for this domain.

  • Nic.gl

    Nic.gl (Tele-Greenland)

    Tele-Post is the official Registry that manages .GL domains (Greenland).

  • .GS


    .GS domains pertain to the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

  • .GY


    .GY is the country code that corresponds to Guyana.

  • .TL


    .TL domain names pertain to East Timor (Timor-Leste).

  • .AF


    .AF is the domain name country code for Afghanistan, which is managed by its Communication Ministry.

  • .CC


    .CC domain names pertain to Cocos Islands (Keeling).

  • .CX


    .CX is the country code of the Christmas Island.

  • .KI


    .KI domain names pertain to Kiribati.

  • .NF


    .NF pertains to Norfolk Island.

  • .SB


    .SB domains pertain to the Solomon Islands.

  • .MG


    .MG pertains to Madagascar.

  • .Travel


    .Travel Registry is responsible for managing .travel domains. It's a sTLD created specially for the travel and tourism industry.

  • .XXX

    .XXX - ICMRegistry

    ICMRegistry is responsible for managing .XXX domains, created to host content for the adult market under the same TLD.

  • .LAT


    Domain extension for individuals and organizations around the world that want to have an Internet presence with latin identity.

  • .ASIA


    DotAsia is the organization that manages the .asia extension.

  • .BLOG


    .blog is maintained by Automattic, the company behind the popular content management system “WordPress”.

  • .RADIO


    .radio is managed by the European Broadcasting Union, responsible for the “Eurovision” festival, among others.

  • CentralNic


    CentralNIC is the Registry responsible for the management of multiple domains like .eu.com, .us.com, .uk.com, .ru.com or .cn.com, among others.

  • Donuts


    With more than 300 new domain applications, Donuts is the Registry with the larger number of managed domains, like .guru or .photos.

  • UNR


    With domains in dozens different categories, Uniregistry is one of the biggest new domain providers, with domains like .art, .love or .free, among others.

  • dotBerlin


    The digital identity for Berliners starts with a .berlin domain. MrDomain is an official accredited registrar at dotBerlin.

  • dotClub


    Your interests, hobbies and more, in one place, with .club you'll have an exclusive space to share everything you love.

  • dotUNO


    .UNO is the new short, significant and easy to remember Internet direction, a secure bet for new Internet projects.

  • I-Registry


    With extensions like .onl, .online, .vip or .rich, thanks to our accreditation with I-Registry we offer new interesting and exclusive domains.

  • .buzz


    Create buzz around a brand, product or service with your .buzz domain. We are a .buzz accredited registrar

  • GMO Registry

    GMO Registry

    GMO Registry is the chosen Registry for interesting domains like .tokyo or .yokohama, among others.

  • Global Registry Services

    Global Registry Services

    Thanks to our accreditation with Global Registry Services we can offer domains like .webcam, .download or .trade, among others.

  • ARI Registry

    ARI Registry

    ARI Registry allows us to offer many new domains, like for example .menu, .build or .luxury, along with many more.

  • Minds and Machines

    Minds + Machines

    Minds and Machines is the chosen Registry for interesting domains like .london or .bayern, among others.

  • Starting Dot

    Starting Dot

    Starting Dot wants to differentiate itself from other registries offering special extensions like .archi, .bio or .ski.

  • Top Level Design

    Top Level Design

    Top Level Design is the Registry that manages the .design, .ink and .wiki domains.