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AdWords Coupons

Register now on MrDomain and following the purchase of your first domain you will receive, in collaboration with Google, you will receive additional credit once you insert a first initial amount into your AdWords account, you will be able to try Google AdWords with your first Internet advertising campaign. Obtain new clients easily.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a tool by means of which you will be able to publish adverts on the Internet in the quickest and simplest way imaginable. You won’t need the guidance of a designer or the genius of a publicist, just a keyboard and 5 minutes of your time.

Adwords adverts appear on Google search results, either in the side column or on top of the results. You can specify the profile of the target audience you are interested in and therefore only appear in searches considered to be relevant. In the same way, your adverts can also appear on other Websites associated with the Google AdSense advertising system.

To give you an idea: if you are advertising a florists, your campaign would only be shown to those people interested in florists.

Your ad will appear here.

How do I obtain my Google AdWords coupon?

Following your first purchase on DonDominio, we will automatically send you a coupon code to your Email address (that one you indicated when registering). You can also obtain your coupon code if you are already a client and have made a purchase on DonDominio, by following these steps from your client area:

Go to
“My Account”
Click on
“Google AdWords”

Google AdWords coupons are available only for customers of the following countries, depending on your country of residence the coupon may have a different value:

Country Coupon type
Germany Spend €25, Get €75.
Italy Spend €25, Get €75.
España Gasta €25, Recibe €75.
Portugal Spend €20, Get €60.
United Kingdom Spend GBP25, Get GBP75.
Netherlands Spend €25, Get €75.
France Spend €25, Get €75.

What are the advantages of using AdWords?

Without doubt the greatest advantage of using Google AdWords is the increase in relevant visits to your website. Google is the most widely used search engine in many countries, this is why you will ensure that your advert will be seen by a great number of people interested in what you have to offer. But there are many more advantages that you should know about:

Contextual orientation

Link your advert with the content of other Websites or search results in order to select the best websites on which to be seen.

Geographical orientation

Specify the regions in which you wish to show your advert. You can ensure it appears only to people in your country in order to increase its effectiveness.

Variety of formats

Possibility of publishing text, graphic and video adverts, all of them in many different sizes in order to adapt to the different formats of Internet sites.

Pay only for visits

There is no minimum monthly charge and what’s more you will not be charged every time someone looks at your advert, you must only pay every time someone has actually clicked on it and, therefore, visited your website.

Budget adjustment in real time

The powerful tool provided by Google AdWords enables you to adjust and control the daily budget at any time and thereby track current spend.

Campaign tracking

At any time you can check the number of clicks made on your adverts. In addition, by configuring Google Analytics you will be able to track the visits coming from your advert.

How to use Google AdWords

In order to give you a better idea about how AdWords works, on the left you will see an explanatory video made by Google.

You can access Google AdWords by clicking here
If you would like a specialist to create your campaign, click the link below:

AdWords Worldwide phone support

We also recommend that you download the following free Google guide which explains the best tips for getting the most out of AdWords and increasing the number of visits to your website:

Growing your business with AdWords

“Growing your business with AdWords”

AdWords Guide in PDF format

Download now! (1,4 MB)

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