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.CFD: The tailored domain for the future of clothing & fashion design

The .CFD domain is ideal for fashion houses, fabric manufactures, clothing and footwear companies, cosmetic brands, fashion designers, bloggers, bloggers, fashion influencers, virtual fashion shows, lifestyle e-commerce stores, online boutiques and much more fashion and clothing related.

Get a fashion world related .CFD domain that is:

  • Short
  • Smart
  • Relevant
  • Memorable
  • Future-proof

.CFD is where fashion houses, idependent designers, clothing brands and apparel manufactures usher in a prosperous new future of clothinfg and fashion design.

Build your online presence in the fashion world registering a .CFD domain!

Early Access Program (EAP)

Domains managed by this Registry do not have a Landrush phase, this means that once the phase for registered trademarks has passed (Sunrise) the domains can be registered by anyone, without the need of a registered trademark. In order to offer a fairer and equitative process (without posterior auctions), the Registry created the "Early Access Program", this period is active during the 7 first days of the extension launch and permits to obtain the desired domain for a higher price than the normal registration fee. More information

How does the Early Access Program work?
The cost during the first day is high and falls till the last day, thanks to it, the first that registers the domain at the stipulated price for that day, receives the domain.

Is the Early Access Program cost applied on renewals or transfers?
No, this cost is applicable only at the domain registration, it doesn't affect future renewals or transfers.

Why is the cost higher than the Early Access Program when searching for some domains during this phase?
It's important to note that, a part from the Early Access Program, the Registry also has premium domains, this domains have a higher registration, renewal and transfer cost, in case that this cost is higher than the Early Access Program because it's a premium domain, the higher cost will prevail. For example: If it's a 100€ domain and the Early Access Program phase is currently higher than this 100€, the Early Access Program cost will be applied. But, if the premium cost is higher than the Early Access Program one, this will be the correct cost..

What happens if I did a domain pre-registration?
We will launch the registration requests for the domain you've pre-registered once the 7 days of the Early Access Program, but only if the pre-registered domains are not premium domains. We will try to register your domain but it will only be possible if nobody registered it first during the Sunrise or Early Access Program phases.

Launch phases

Phase Start Final Price
Priority Pre-Registration - Phase 1 13/04/2021 16:00 14/04/2021 16:00 1.526,95 €
Priority Pre-Registration - Phase 2 14/04/2021 16:00 16/04/2021 16:00 826,95 €
Priority Pre-Registration - Phase 3 16/04/2021 16:00 18/04/2021 16:00 246,95 €
Priority Pre-Registration - Phase 4 18/04/2021 16:00 19/04/2021 16:00 146,95 €
Priority Pre-Registration - Phase 5 19/04/2021 16:00 20/04/2021 16:00 96,95 €
Pre-registration 20/04/2021 15:45 26,95 €
General Availability 20/04/2021 16:00 26,95 €

Rates and features


26,95 €

There are no restrictions for such domains.

Registration period extension

Action Price/year Periodes Dominitis
Registration 26,95 € 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 year(s) 2 dominitis
Renewal 26,95 € 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 year(s) 2 dominitis
Transfer 26,95 € 1 year(s) 2 dominitis
Restore 130,00 € Does not include renewal -
Domain length: 1 - 63 characters
Transfer system: The domains, once the transfer ends, extend they expiration date for one year

.cfd domain life cycle

42 days 30 days 5 days
Domain registration
Expiration date
Deletion date
Domain available Domain active Renew grace period Redemption period Pending delete Domain available

Renew Grace Period
Redemption Period
Pending Delete

Permitted characters

.cfd domains permit characters from 'a' to 'z', numbers from '0' to '9' and hyphens '-'.
A hyphen '-' is not permitted in the first or last position of the domain name.
Two consecutive hyphens are not permitted in the 3rd and 4th position.

Residency requirements

This extension doesn't have any residency requirements.

Technical requirements

This extension doesn't have any technical requirements.


.cfd domain registrations are immediate.


To complete .CFD domain transfer, you'll need your current registrar to provide you the domain's AuthCode or EPP-Key to verify the ownership of the domain.

Transfers can take between 5 and 7 days to complete. Some registrars provide manual transfers allowing transfers to be completed on the same day, contact your current registrar to find out if they offer this service.

More information about .CFD domain transfers

The domains, once the transfer ends, extend they expiration date for one year


Renewing your .CFD domain only takes a minute and can completed at any time.


It's possible to request a cancellation of your .CFD domain, visit the support center to open a support ticket. Please note, cancelling a name does not provide a refund of any registration fees.

DNS modifications

DNS modification is immediate, please note they must propagate through the network, this process can take up to 6-12 hours to complete, until then the domain will still point to the previous DNS servers.


We allow the usage of DNSSEC on .cfd domains. Your domain can take advantage of this additional security layer that DNS servers that are compatible with this technology can provide.
More information is available at: What is DNSSEC and how does it work

Domain owner change

.CFD domains permit automatic owner changes, you'll be able to change this data from your client area.

Official documentation

In this section you will find links to official documentation of the extension.

  • .CFD don't have extra documentation.

This extension supports:

  • IDN Characters
  • DNS Modification
  • Special DNS requirements
  • Whois Privacy
  • Transfer lock

New domains

  • .store New domains 44,95 € / year
  • .online New domains 27,95 € / year
  • .site New domains 29,95 € / year
  • .tech New domains 39,95 € / year
  • .space New domains 16,95 € / year
  • .app New domains 12,95 € / year
  • .download New domains 21,95 € / year
  • .page New domains 8,95 € / year
  • .casa New domains 10,95 € / year
  • .vip New domains 14,95 € / year
  • .club New domains 12,45 € / year
  • .abogado New domains 29,95 € / year
  • .academy New domains 23,95 € / year
  • .accountant New domains 21,95 € / year
  • .accountants New domains 69,95 € / year
  • .actor New domains 28,95 € / year
  • .adult New domains 79,95 € / year
  • .agency New domains 16,95 € / year
  • .airforce New domains 23,95 € / year
  • .alsace New domains 64,95 € / year
  • .amsterdam New domains 53,95 € / year
  • .apartments New domains 39,95 € / year
  • .archi New domains 49,95 € / year
  • .army New domains 23,95 € / year
  • .art New domains 10,95 € / year
  • .associates New domains 23,95 € / year
  • .attorney New domains 38,95 € / year
  • .auction New domains 23,95 € / year
  • .audio New domains 149,95 € / year
  • .auto New domains 2.290,95 € / year

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