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Promotion valid till 30/06/2017 for new registrations, first year only. Does not include Dominitis. Not applicable on premium domains.

.MOBI is a derivative of the word "mobile", indicating its usage to access to Internet resources through mobile devices. The creation of this extension was financed by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Vodafone, T-Mobile, GSM Association or Telefónica Móviles.

The site developed under a .MOBI domain must meet certain established standards to ensure a proper viewing from different available terminals, such as the use of "div" instead of the classic tables, do not use frames, follow the XHTML-MP (WAP 2.0) mobile standards or the hosting service to be configured correctly, being accessible either with or without www.

Rates and features


13,95 € 4,95 €

There are no restrictions for such domains.

Registration period extension

Action Price/year Periodes Dominitis
Registration 13,95 € 4,95 € 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 year(s) 2 dominitis
Renewal 13,95 € 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 year(s) 2 dominitis
Transfer 13,95 € 1 year(s) 2 dominitis
Restore 60,00 € Does not include renewal -
Domain length: 2 - 63 characters
Transfer system: The domains, once the transfer ends, extend they expiration date for one year

.mobi domain life cycle

42 days 30 days 5 days
Domain registration
Expiration date
Deletion date
Domain available Domain active Renew grace period Redemption period Pending delete Domain available

Renew Grace Period
Redemption Period
Pending Delete

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Permitted characters

.mobi domains permit characters from 'a' to 'z', numbers from '0' to '9' and hyphens '-'.
A hyphen '-' is not permitted in the first or last position of the domain name.
Two consecutive hyphens are not permitted in the 3rd and 4th position.

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Residency requirements

This extension doesn't have any residency requirements.

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Technical requirements

Meet mobile standards (XHTML-MP (WAP 2.0)), don't use frames, div's instead of tables, the site has to be accessible without "www" and the content and images must be appropriate to the size of mobile devices.

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.mobi domain registrations are immediate.

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To be able to complete .MOBI domain transfers you'll need your current registrar to give you the domain's AuthCode or EPP-Key, with it you'll be able to verify your domain's ownership.

Transfers can take between 5 and 7 days to complete. Some registrars allow to accept transfers manually, contact your current registrar and find out if they offer this service, in this case the transfer will complete the same day.

More information about .MOBI domain transfers

The domains, once the transfer ends, extend they expiration date for one year

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You can renew your .MOBI domain at any moment, this process can take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete.

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It's possible to ask for the cancellation of your .MOBI domain, you'll have to do it opening a ticket (support area). Please note the domain cancellation involves no refund of the domain registration fee.

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DNS modifications

DNS modification is immediate, please note they must propagate through the network, this process can take up to 6-12 hours to complete, until then the domain will still point to the previous DNS servers.

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Domain owner change

Since December 1st, 2016, in order to proceed with an ownership change of .MOBI domains, it's necessary that both the current and new owner accept this change. Once the ownership change is completed the domain is locked for transfers for a 60-day period, during this time the domain won't be able to be transferred to another registrar.

More information: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/transfer-policy-2016-06-01-en

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Official documentation

In this section you will find links to official documentation of the extension.

  • .MOBI don't have extra documentation.

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This extension supports:

  • IDN Characters
  • DNS Modification
  • Special DNS requirements
  • Whois Privacy
  • Transfer lock

Generic domains

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  • .net Network 9,95 € / year
  • .org Organization 12,95 € / year
  • .info Information 12,95 € / year
  • .cat Catalan 9,95 € / year
  • .pro Professional 11,95 € / year
  • .travel Travels 80,95 € / year
  • .tel Phone Number 10,95 € / year
  • .aero Aeronautic 54,95 € / year
  • .asia Asia 11,95 € / year
  • .biz Company 12,95 € / year
  • .coop Cooperatives 102,95 € / year
  • .jobs Jobs 99,99 € / year
  • .xxx Adults 62,95 € / year

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