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Status: Active
Preregistration in MrDomain
Request / Approval
20/04/2021 - 20/05/2021
26/05/2021 - 24/06/2021
Open registration

New domain extensions are requested by entities interested in their management, this requests are processed by ICANN in an individual manner and can be accepted or withdrawn by multiple reasons.
One extension can have more than one applicant, in this case there would be an auction between the interested parties, this process doesn't affect the final registrant, who will make the domain registration directly with an accredited domain registrar like MrDomain once the extension has been launched.

List of applicants for this extension

Applicants Country Community Geographic Status Request
Asia Spa and Wellness Promotion Council Limited MY Yes No
In contracting
Foggy Sunset, LLC US No No
Evaluation complete
Top Level Domain Holdings Limited VG No No
Preregistration in MrDomain
Request / Approval
20/04/2021 - 20/05/2021
26/05/2021 - 24/06/2021
Open registration

There are multiple procedures before and during the launch phase of new gTLDs, during every one of them the domains can be registered or reserved by the different interested parties, depending on their relation with the extension, because of registered trademarks or at the moment of the final launch of the domain extension. Below you'll find the different phases the extension will pass before the open registration.

Pioneer Name

The Pioneer Name program permits the assignation of some domains to the applicant that finally manages the extension, thanks to this it will be possible to reserve or block certain domains before the registrants can opt for them.


The Sunrise phase permits trademark holders to obtain their domain before the domain launch, if more than one interested party requests the domain an auction will be held between them.
It's important to know that the domain must be an exact match of the registered trademark, only requests that have passed the Trademark Clearinghouse can opt for this (more information).


During the Landrush phase the interested parties that didn't opt for the previous phase will be able access the domain registration before the domain extension launch.


The pre-registration process of a domain permits you to reserve a slot between the first registration requests we will make at the moment of the extension opening. Thanks to this the probability to obtain your domain is higher than doing it manually, you must note that we'll send hundreds of requests per second.

Open Registration

From this moment on the domain registration under this extension will be open, being able to be registered by any interested parties.

The published information is not binding, it can be wrong in case of changes at Registry level or at the ICANN request, we recommend to check the official information published at the icann.org site.


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Phase Date Price
Sunrise 20/04/2021 - 20/05/2021 N/A
Landrush 26/05/2021 - 24/06/2021 N/A
Pre-registration Not available N/A
Open registration 01/07/2021 N/A


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