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Initially developed as a platform for managing blogs, WordPress has grown rapidly in number of users because of its ease of modification and customization.

Thanks to this, a large community of WordPress developers and designers has grown, who have contributed thousands of plugins and themes to expand its customization possibilities. In addition to the thousands of plugins and themes that are available for free on the official WordPress website, there are thousands called “premium”, with even more advanced features, better designs and possibilities, it is without doubt one of the most flexible CMS to have in mind when choosing the Content Management System for your new project.

Actually WordPress is the engine operating under numerous international websites, sport clubs, online newspapers, etc.

  • From my just under 24 hours of experience with WordPress, I’m a happy man. This is fantastic code, and it’s only just getting on its feet!

    — Aaron Mildenstein, untergeek.com
  • Installation, usability and extensibility all packaged in a poetic package of code. I'm not looking back :)

    — Michael, binarybonsai.com
  • WordPress works great and is easy to use and setup on Mac OS X! Overall a great bit software if you are looking to setup and maintain your own blog.

    — R. J. Aubern
  • WordPress combines all great aspects of web design — Valid XHTML, slick CSS, and even some sexy javascript in the bookmarklets.

    — Jeff Fritz
  • You could package this baby and sell it for two hundred bucks, but you don't. Open source is awesome.

    — Jeff Fritz
  • I prepared to encounter some challenges with installation and configuration and disappointments in functionality. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how powerful and easy to use WordPress is.

    — Emory, laughatliberals.com
  • WordPress is still in the infancy stage but already surpasses other CMS by a lot. I can't wait to see what's in the next release!

    — Southern Gal
  • Easy to install, easy to set up, easy to use, and more features than I will ever need. Just fantastic!

    — Dave Haynes
  • It's definitely the easiest Blog tool to install out there. It imported entries from Blogger and B2 pretty nicely. What else to say? I just love it…

    — Sushubh

Why choose WordPress?

Much more than a blog

WordPress functionality goes far beyond blogging, allowing you to create a complete website with information pages, articles and more.

Hundreds of free designs

From the WordPress administration panel you will be able to download and install new themes for free, even customize them online. You can also create your own designs.

Lots of plugins and widgets

You can download for free hundreds of plugins to extend the functionalities of WordPress, such as: contact forms, photo galleries, Facebook and Twitter integrations, online surveys and sales.

Write news from your smartphone

Wordpress offers free apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia and WebOS with which you can write on your website in a more comfortable way.

Multiple user accounts

The WordPress admin panel allows you to create multiple users with the possibility to write and publish, you can even allow your visitors to create their own if you wish.

Many more advantages

WordPress allows comments on news, incorporates anti spam protection systems, informs Google new pages you've written... and is regularly updated with new features.

Who uses WordPress?

Here are some examples of well known brands and people who have chosen WordPress to manage their website

Rolling Stones

Official website of the World's Greatest ‘N’ Roll band.

Star Wars Blog

Official blog of one of the most popular movie series of all time.

Usain Bolt

The athlete Usain Bolt: The fastest man in the world.

Playstation Blog

PlayStation's official blog, Sony's famous gaming console.

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25€ per year
  • Web constructor
  • WordPress and online shop
  • Application installer
  • 1 GB web space
  • 25 GB monthly traffic
  • 15 email accounts with 1 GB


60€ per year
  • Web constructor
  • WordPress and online shop
  • Application installer
  • 5 GB web space
  • 50 GB monthly traffic
  • 20 email accounts with 10 GB
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130€ per year
  • Web constructor
  • WordPress and online shop
  • Application installer
  • 10 GB web space
  • 100 GB monthly traffic
  • 30 email accounts with 15 GB


290€ per year
  • Web constructor
  • WordPress and online shop
  • Application installer
  • 20 GB web space
  • 300 GB monthly traffic
  • 50 email accounts with 20 GB
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