Services and features

All you can do from our panel, quickly explained.

Domain registration

Automatic cart (Fast buy)

From the preferences of your account, you can save some default options that can be applied automatically to the domain in the shopping cart.

Default contact on the cart

Choose a contact details to be automatically configured for all domains you add to the shopping cart.

Default hosting on registries & transfers

Sets a default hosting service to be assigned to all domains added to the shopping cart.

Personalized search

Reduce searched extensions to which ones that interest you to get faster search results.

Search tips

Enter a word and we will offer a list of domains related to that word.

Premium domains

You can see domains related to your search, even the registered ones, that are for sale so you can make a quick purchase.

Favourite DNS

By assigning a favorite DNS, all domains you add to the shopping cart will be configured with these DNS.

Massive searches

Make searches for multiple domains at once. It's a good choice when you need to register several different domains or simply looking for alternative domain names.

Search history

View a list of searched domains you had done previously. Searches are stored only on your computer, so we keep your privacy.

Management and account

Domains and state graphics

When access to your administration panel, you can check the status of your account and your domains. You will have access to your number of domains, extensions, renewals pendings, and more on.

Billing and activity graphics

In the summary of your administration panel we present a detailed graphic of registrations, transfers and billing as well as a forecast of renewals and billing.

Account reports

From “My account” panel, you will access to a list of all notices of renewals, expiration and other messages that we have sent to your account.

Email account notifications

Set Email notification when changes occur on your account.

Secondary notification e-mail

In addition to sending notifications to the email address you specified in your user account, you can add a secondary email to send a copy of all these emails.

Weekly report of the status of the domains

Enable the generation of a summary to be sent weekly to your email account.

Account balance

With this virtual wallet, you will advance money that you can use then to make purchases or to pay for automatic renewals.

Cumulative points (Dominitis)

By registering domains and hostings in MrDomain, you will receive “Dominitis” which you can exchange for free products.

Account history

In your history you can see all movements, logins and changes made ​​on your account.


With the API key you can use external applications to connect them to your MrDomain account, so you can, for example, update a hosting to use an external Ip.

Billing 347 model

From here you can generate the statement 347, which the "Agencia Tributaria Española" requires to all persons or entities who have checked more than 3,000 € that year.

Data filters

By using the administration panel you can make filters on contacts, domains, hostings, bills... to work better with your data.

Export data to csv, exce, pdf and xml

All data tables of the administration panel (domains, invoices, email accounts, history, etc..) Can be exported to these formats for your external use.

Tools and utilities

Web constructor

Create and publish your website with our wizard where you can choose and customize your website design.

IDN/PunyCode Converter

With this tool you can convert the domains with special characters (IDN) to their ASCII encoding, so they can be accessed by older browsers.

Application installer

Install web applications like blogs, photo galleries, online stores... from our panel in just a few clicks.


The Domain Information Groper is an utility to check DNS servers, and in case of a problem, check what is due.

Contact management

Access and manage contact details of all your domains from a specific panel.


Use our Webmail service to access all your emails from any computer, like you're on your own computer.

Bulk Renewals

With this tool you can quickly add to the shopping cart all domains and services you want to renew.

Domain push

Transfer domains to another client account in seconds, without waiting.

Deleted domains

From this utility you can view a list of domains that one day you had in your account and have already expired or you transferred to another person.

Import domains from

If you use the a service like, you can import to your account the captured domains. Enables the automatic import of the domains that you specify with a NIC Handle.

Bulk Changes

Make changes to multiple domains at once from a unified panel. This will facilitate the task of managing large domain portfolios.

Dynamic DNS

With our free tool you'll get your computer accessible from anywhere, even if your ADSL provider changes your IP address after each connection.

Zone Check

With this tool you can check the DNS zone of a default domain to check if it meets the conditions required by some extensions.

Billing history

Search and browse all invoices in your account. You can see them on the screen, print them or download in PDF format.


By SedoMLS you can put on sale your domains to make them appear highlighted in search results to other domain registrars worldwide.

Monthly Billing

If you register domains regularly, you may be interested in receiving a monthly bill instead of a purchase invoice. Contact us to activate this feature.

Pre-registration tools

When we are planning the launch of a new extension (TLD) we will set this tool at your disposal so you can register your domain before someone else.

Domain management


If you have a large number of domains in your account, can be usefull to add comments to the domains, so you don't foorget the details you need.

Automatic renewals

Check the automatic renewal of your domains to renew them each year without worry about them.

Modification lock

Protect your domain against accidental changes from the admin panel.

Transfer lock

You can block the domain so nobody can try to transfer it without your permission.

DNS management

Change the DNS of your domain to use an external hosting.

Glue Records management

Using Glue Records you can create DNS associated to your domain.

Whois personalization

Add a message to the Whois of your domain. It can be used, for example, to offer the domain for sale.

Whois statistics

See the graphs of monthly Whois requests by country made ​​on your domains.

Domain history

See the history of changes and actions taken on each of your domains.


You can add tags to your domains to organize them better. You can filter domains by tags.

Let expire

If you don't want to renew a domain you can check this option to stop receiving notices of it's expiry.

Whois Privacy

With this service you can hide the contact details listed in your domain whois.

Hosting management

Service status

Check the status of your hosting: occupied space, monthly traffic, email accounts, aliases, FTP accounts and databases.

Renewal methods

Renew your hosting manually or select the automatically method, so the system will renew the hosting each year without worry.

Visitor statistics

Check out our detailed statistics of web traffic and visits to your website over the last 12 months.

Customizable parking page

Enable and customize a parking page for your domain. This service is free in all domains registered in MrDomain.

Web redirections

Create redirections so when you access your domain or subdomain, the web browser redirectes you to another website you selected.


Create subdomains for your domain, which can host different data or web pages. For example:

DNS zone management

In the DNS Zone you can change the settings of your domain, for example, use an external mail server.


With our WebFTP tool you can upload and manage files of your hosting from the browser, without any specific program.

Configure Google Apps

With “Google Apps” option on the DNS Zone, your domain can be used with Google Apps services without need manual configuration.

E-mail account management

Create, edit and delete email accounts for your domain. You can have email accounts such as

FTP account management

Create user accounts with which they can upload files to your hosting. You can limit the use of each account to a specific folder or the whole hosting.


With the phpMyAdmin tool you can edit your databases from a graphical interface.

Automatic answering

With the automatic response you can make an email account to respond all emails with a predefined message.

E-mail aliases management

Create email aliases so when sending an email to the address created, this is received at another email account. So you can hide your email address and still get into that account all emails.

Hosting history

See the history of changes and actions taken on each of your hosting services.

Database manage

Create and manage databases on your hosting.

SSL (Optional)

By enabling SSL, you will have a web address from which the content of your web page will be displayed safely.