External access, reinvented

Domain management, web hosting and e-mail for your clients, without the need to provide them with access to your own user account

Focus on your business

Providing external access to the management of your domains, hosting plans or e-mail accounts to a third-party has never been so easy, you will still have control over them at any time.

Created to meet your needs

We've created the external management panel focusing on the details, you will still have the decision on each aspect of your domains, establish the privileges each user will have or even create multiple users with different read or edition permissions if you want to.

Customize the panel to your taste

You can completely customize the panel, from the color palette and logos, to the domain the users will use to access it.

Available features

    • Contact management

      Manage the contacts assigned to your domains.

    • DNS Servers

      Change the DNS servers assigned to your domains.

    • Glue Records

      Create your own DNS servers under your domain.

    • Whois

      View the whois output of your domain.

    • FTP Accounts

      Create or manage FTP accounts.

    • Subdomains

      Create subdomains directly from the external panel, for example: shop.yourdomain.com

    • Redirections

      Create 301, 302 or FRAME redirects and easily redirect your domain to another site.

    • Databases

      Manage the databases of your hosting plan.

    • DNS Zone

      Complete control over the DNS Zone of your domains, including records like CNAME, TXT, A, ..

    • WebFTP

      Access the web space of your hosting service directly from your browser.

    • WebConstructor

      Easily create your website, without the need of design or programming skills.

    • Parking management

      Enable or disable the parking service assigned to your domain.

    • E-mail accounts

      Easily create e-mail accounts from your management area.

    • E-mail aliases

      Create e-mail forwarders (aliases) to other domains.

    • WebMail

      Complete control over the e-mail accounts of your domain, you will be able to read e-mails as soon as they reach your inbox, like if you were using a desktop client.

We're sure that our new external management panel will exceed your expectations.

Start now

Steps to follow

  • 1. Locate the external access Access your client area, at the "Tools" section you'll find the "External access" link.
  • 2. Customize the management area Press the "Customize Panel" button to customize the look & feel.
  • 3. Create a user Create a new user you will provide external access to your domains/services.
  • 4. Assign domains/servies Press the "Manage" button that appears near the user and add domains clicking the "Add domain" button.

Now the user will be able to manage the domain from your external access panel. If you want to, you can now assign additional domains and customize the permissions he has over each one of them. Remember that you can deactivate or delete the domain anytime. Also, to make it easier, we've added a "External access" tab into the domain management in your customer area, you will be able to view at any time the users that already have management privileges over the domain or add new ones to it, if you want to.