What are FTP accounts used for?

FTP accounts allows you to access the web space on your hosting plan, to manage the files from your website.

By default the hosting services include a main user already created. This user has permissions to edit all the files and folders of your web space hosting.

How to access the management of FTP users in MrDomain?

The management of FTP accounts is done from the management panel of your hosting plan, you can follow these steps to access:

  • Access your customer area with your username and password..
  • Go to the section "Hosting"> "My Plans" .
  • Click on the domain you want to manage.
  • You will access in the hosting management area. Access in the "FTP Accounts" section. You will see that there is the main FTP user already created. You can use it to access and manage files on your hosting.

Gestión de cuentas FTP en DonDominio

If you have a hosting service at MrDomain you can create differents FTP users..

The benefit of creating different FTP users is that you can give these users permissions to manage specific folders. This user will only be able to manage files and folders within the directory assigned, and he will not be able to edit files or folder out of its directory tree.

In addition to assigning an specific directory, you can limit the storage space of new FTP users. In this way, each of them can only upload the files without exceeding his quota.

The sum of these quotas that you assign to FTP users cannot exceed the total storage capacity of the hosting. For example, in the Basic plan you have 1GB of capacity. In this case if you create a new user limited to 512MB, the second user can have a maxium of 512MB as quota, since the maximum capacity of the hosting plan is 1GB (1024MB)

How can you create new FTP users?

If you want to create a new FTP user, click on the "Create FTP Account" button. On the new FTP account form you can configure it. In addition to the name and password, you can assign to that user an specific directory and limit the storage space to manage.

With these options, you can restrict the use of the web space for additional FTP accounts. In this way, the new accounts will not be able to see other directories that have not been assigned.

Configuración de cuentas FTP en DonDominio

The configuration for a new FTP user must include the directory where it will have permissions. You can set it as / if you want to give that user access to all the FTP.

In the user field you must input an user prefix, whose name will identify that specific user in the FTP connection. Also specify a strong password, containing uppercase, lowercase, symbols, avoiding any relation with the domain name for security reasons.

Finally, specify the maximum disk size that that user can use.

How to edit or delete an FTP user?

If you want to delete or edit the configuration parameters of an FTP user, you can do it from the FTP Accounts section. From there you can edit the directory assigned to that user, the maximum space and its password.

  • Access your customer area with your username and password.
  • Go to the section "Hosting"> "My Plans".
  • Click on the domain you want to manage.
  • You will access in the hosting management area. Access in the "FTP Accounts" section.

You will see a list of the created FTP accounts, with an icon to edit and delete them. Please note that the main account cannot be deleted.

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