How can I create a MySQL database?

To create a MySQL Database you need at least a Basic hosting plan. To create it, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your MrDomain user. You can do it from the top left-hand corner inputs on our homepage or directly from our login form.
  2. Once on your customer area, from top left-hand corner go to "Admin> My Domains" to view a list of your registered domains. You can use the search filters to locate the domain. To access the domain management area, click on it.
  3. Within the domain management area you will see several tabs on the left. Among them you can see the one you are looking for: "Databases". When clicked you will see the databases options as a create or edit button.
  4. From the "Create database" button you can create a new database for your application. You can choose to enter a custom password or to generate one automatically (recommended). Finally click the "Create" button.

Once the database is created, is posible to access it from an external access as a desktop application if you check the option "Allow" external access.

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