I want to register a domain that has just expired. When does a registered domain become fully available?

Do you need to know when you can register a domain that has already expired? Do you want to know when one of your domains will be free? You only have to check the domain documentation and see how many days that extension (.COM, .NET, .SHOP, .EU...) needs to be free. In this guide we will explain how it works and how to check it.

All domain extenions have a life cycle that we have to keep in mind in order to know when the domain will be free after its expiration date. This life cycle in general consists of three states:

  • Renew Grace Period
  • Redemption Period
  • Pending Delete

Depending on the extension of the domain, these periods will last more or less, and the time it may take for a domain to be free will depend on it.

You can check the information of each domain extension, with it's life cycle, from the domain information page, clicking over the domain extension.

Below we explain the life cycle of the .COM and .ES domains.

When is a .COM domain fully available?

.COM domains, once expired, will have 42 days if “Renew Grace Period”, during this time their current owner will be able to renew them by paying the usual renewal price.

After this 42 days, the domain will go into its Redemption Period, it will last 30 more days. During that period, its current owner will be able to renew the domain paying a fee established by the Registry, in this case it would be 60€ + VAT (along with the domain renewal price).

Finally, the domain will enter its “Pending Delete Period”. This period will last 5 days and the domain can no longer be renewed.

After these 77 days, the domain will be free for anyone to be registered.

Ciclo de vida dominios .COM

When is a .ES domain fully available?

.ES domains have a “Renew Grace Period”that lasts 10 days. During that time, their current owner will be able to renew it for its usual renewal price. Over these 10 days, the domain has neither a “Redemption Period” nor a “Pending Delete Period”, it will be automatically released.

Ciclo de vida dominios .ES

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