Using Google Apps for e-mail

In order to be able to use the Google Apps e-mail service in our domain we must follow the next steps, please note that the instructions are the same for the standard or the business version:

Important: You'll need to have at least a redirect & parking plan in order to be able to create e-mail accounts using Google Apps.

Creation of an e-mail account in Google Apps

Access Google Apps standard version or business version.

Press the blue "Get started" button or access directly.

Here you'll be able to introduce the domain you've registered in MrDomain, simply write your domain and press the "Submit" button.

Now you must register in the Google Apps program, to do so you'll have to write your personal data, after it press the "I accept! Create my account" button.

Domain ownership verification

Now Google will ask for how you would like to set up Google Apps, select the "Express" option.

Now you'll see the Google Apps setup wizard, the first thing to do is to verify the domain ownership, simply press the "Next" button twice.

Select the "Alternate methods" tab, then the "Add a DNS record to your domain's configuration" and select "Other" from the list and copy the text that will appear, it will be like "google-site-verification=MZCsnoT7sV1aENGut64qt161561dKqjq5DsZ5g"

Don't press the "Verify" button yet.

Return to your customer account in MrDomain:

You'll need to add a new TXT record into the DNS Zone, to do so go to your customer account in MrDomain, press the "My Domains" button, select the domain you want to add to Google Apps. Now simply go to the "Hosting" tab and press the "Manage" button, now you'll be at the hosting management zone.

To create the TXT record press the "DNS Zone" tab and then the "Manage" button.

You must create a new DNS Zone record from the bottom area of the DNS Zone management, there you'll find the "Insert a new DNS record", it must be a TXT record. Leave the "Host:" blank and insert the text you copied from Google Apps in the "Text" area, finally press the "Insert" button.

Now you can return to Google Apps and complete the domain ownership verification pressing the "Verify" button. Please note that if you've modified the domain's DNS or registered the domain recently it's possible you have to wait a few hours in order to be able to verify it.

Email account creation in Google Apps

In the Google Apps management you'll be able to activate the email service, to do so, go to the "Dashboard" tab and press the "Set up your email" in the "Email" area. You'll be able to activate the mobile access to your e-mail also.

Now return to the DNS Zone management in MrDomain and follow this steps:

Delete all existing MX entries in case there are some created.

Create the following five MX entries (Insert new DNS entry):
They must be "MX (Mail Exchange)" type.
The "Host" must be blank.

**Email server”     “Priority"**
ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.                       1
ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.               5
ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.               5
ASPMX2.GOOGLEMAIL.COM.                 10
ASPMX3.GOOGLEMAIL.COM.                 10

Once all entries have been crated return to Google Apps and press the "Next" button in the "Did you change the MX records" area, Google Apps will check the DNS Zone configuration in order to verify it.

Note: The verification process can take up to 48 hours in order to complete, but normally it's instantly.

If you followed correctly the steps of this help you've completed correctly the domain configuration and Google Apps as e-mail service, you'll be able to create new accounts from Google Apps. You can access your emails from (change with your registered domain), but if you want to access it from your own domain you simply have to modify a DNS Zone entry, in our case we want to use "" to do so, simply modify the "" entry in the DNS Zone and change the Destiny URL to "" and save the changes.

Return to Google Apps, go to the "Email" tab in "Settings" and press the "Change URL" option, select "Custom" option, press the "Save changes" option and then the "I've completed these steps" button.

Now you'll be able to access your e-mails from

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