Using Google Analytics for the statistics of our website

All the hosting services (except the redirection and parking service) allows the visualization of the statistics of the visitors with "webalizer", to access to them simply add /stats/ at the end of the url in your browser. You will find more information in our manual: Manual to understand the statistics generated by Webalizer.

This statistics are very simple and don't allows you to see a huge quantity of information of your visitors (bounce rate, time on site, ...), something that maybe more experimented users will requiere, because it can help to improve some aspects of the web.

In this cases we recommend to use external statistics systems, the most popular is Google Analytics, which is completely free and allows the visualization of a huge important information.

Creation of a new Google Analytics account

To be able to use Google Analytics you will need to be registered with a google account, if you already uses a Gmail account it wont be necesary to register again.

To sign up for Google Analytics free Google account go to,click on the text "Register Now" and proceeds to fill in the details that will be requested.

Once you have Google account you can go to and connect with your data.

Add new web site profile

Once you've logged into Google Analytics, will need to register the domain you want to control for it, you will find it in the bottom of Google Analytics the "Add Website Profile", click on it.

To create the new profile you have to select the "Add a Profile for a new domain" and indicate the address of your domain (the www included), select the country where you are and the time zone (are properly configured by default). Now just complete the process.

Once this is done will load a new page which will show you the ID web property, that will be like: UA-1947345-25. At the bottom you will find the code to paste in the source code of all pages of the domain you have chosen to do so, copy the code completely and click "Save and finish."

Insert Analytics code on our website

Insert Google Analytics code on our website is fairly easy, simply open the files .html or .php (depending on how you created the web)and paste in the source code of each file that Google has indicated in the previous step, you should find the </ head> and paste the code above it.

If you use a system of content generation such as Wordpress, you must go to the folder of the theme you use and edit the file head.php.

Note that you will not see the statistics after until the first 24 hours after the insertion of the code into your website, to see them go to Google Analytics

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