Find the Nic-Handle for a .ES domain

Its very easy to find out the Nic-Handle of a .ES domain. To perform some steps on your domain, you need to know the Nic-Handle of the domain.

There are several ways to do this, we will indicate the fastest to do:

I manage the domain from my MrDomain account

If you have registered the domain in MrDomain, its enough that you head to the management domain in your client area and in each of the tabs associated with the domain contacts you will find Nic-Handle in the "Information" section.

Anyway you can do it faster also in the following way:

I don't manage the domain

In this case is sufficient to carry out a whois lookup on the domain. You can do it from: whois lookup.

When you get the search results will suffice to look at the text that appears in parentheses to the right of each of the contacts, this is the Nic-Handle.

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