What is a CSR?

A CSR or Certificate Signing Request is an encrypted text block that is normally generated at the web server where the SSL Certificate will be used, but it can also be generated externally, using tools like our Online CSR Creator

The CSR contains information that will be finally included in the SSL Certificate, like for example your or your business name, the address, residence country or the common name (domain where the SSL certificate will be used), in addition to this data it will also include a public key that will also be included in your certificate.

The Certificate Authority (CA), will use this CSR to generate the SSL Certificate.

What type of information does a CSR contain?

Name Description Examples
Common name The domain name or (subdomain) of your web site, it must exactly coincide with the domain that your visitors will write to access your site. www.yourdomain.com *.yourdomain.com secure.yourdomain.com
Organization The legal name of your business or company. This information must coincide with the complete name of your business and should not be abbreviated. Your Company Inc.
Organizational Unit The section or division of your company that will manage the certificate. IT department
Email address The e-mail account used to contact your company. info@yourcompany.com
Country The country where your company is located. United Kingdom
State/Region The region or state where your company is located. England
City The city where your company is located. London City
Public Key The public key that will be inserted into the certificate. The key is automatically generated.

How is the CSR format?

CSR are generated in PEM format and encrypted in Base64, they always start with the line -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- and end with -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----. You can open the CSR with any plain text editor and you would see something like:


How to generate a CSR

Generate a CSR is really easy, you can do it online and quick thanks to our Online CSR Generator. You will be able to create the CSR filling out a form that will appear, the CSR will be created instantly.

How to decode a CSR

Decode the content of a CSR is even easier, simply access our Online CSR Decoder tool and you will instantly see the contents of this CSR.

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