How to install a Dynamic SiteSeal

What is a Dynamic SiteSeal?

A dynamic SiteSeal, instead of the Static SiteSeal, show a dynamic image that offers additional information about the security/encryption type between your site and the visitor, showing the date where this information was verified and ensuring that the site that is being visited is really the one that it claims to be, this increases the trust of potential customers when purchasing or sending sensible information on it.

Comodo Dynamic SiteSeal

In order to install the Dynamic SiteSeal of Comodo (also called "TrustLogo") or the "Corner of Trust", follow the steps of the following site: Implementing a TrustLogo into your website

Norton/Symantec Dynamic SiteSeal

The installation of Norton/Symantec's Dynamic SiteSeal is really easy, simply follow the steps of the following site: Norton Secured Seal Installation Instructions

GeoTrust Dynamic SiteSeal

The installation of Geotrust's Dynamic SiteSeal is easy to do, simply follow the steps you can find here: True Site Seal Installation Instructions

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