Designated Agent or DA

Sice 01/12/2016, the ICANN Transfer Policy specifies that on an ownership change or a change of the name and surname, company name or e-mail address on a gTLD (.com, .net, ...) or ngTLD (.games, .blog, ...) domain will trigger an ownership change that both the current and the new owner must approve.

What does "Designated Agent" mean?

In order to make this process easier, it is possible to assign MrDomain as a Designated Agent or DA in order to approve ownership changes on your behalf, by doing it, if a contact that has this feature enabled is added as the new owner of a domain or a ownership change process is initiated for a domain where this contact is the current owner, we'll automatically accept this on his behalf.

It's important to note that this only affects this concrete contact, not the rest of the contacts your customer account may manage, this also doesn't affect the other owner contact involved in this change.

But this gets even better if both contacts already have this feature enabled, the ownership change will be automatically processed, without the need of approval of these affected contacts.

How do I enable this feature?

It's important to note that you'll only be able to assign MrDomain as a Designated Agent during the ownership change of a domain, using the e-mail each owner will receive. You can do it by simply initiating an ownership change and enabling this feature during the ownership change approval. From then on, if the contact you've enabled this feature is the current or new owner of an ownership change, we'll automatically accept this change on your behalf.

You can find the current ICANN Transfer Policy at:

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