Reasonable use policy on services

Some features of our hosting and email plans are unlimited, however all features are subject to a reasonable use policy. This ensures that misuse or abuse of these features does not negatively affect other users of the server.

What do we mean by reasonable use?

Explanation for each of the unlimited features:

Monthly traffic

Reasonable use is defined as a monthly traffic consumption similar to the average of other hosting or mail plans of the same type.

FTP accounts

The limit defined as reasonable use for FTP accounts depends on the plan contracted, being 500 for Professional hosting and 1000 for Advanced and Corporate hosting.


The reasonable use of subdomains depends on the contracted plan, being 500 for Professional hosting and 1000 for Advanced and Corporate hosting.


The limit of redirects considered as reasonable use of the service is 200 in all our hosting plans.

Restore Backups

A limit on reasonable use of the backup recovery option is set at 5 backups per month on Professional hosting and 10 backups per month on Advanced and Corporate hosting.

What happens if I exceed the reasonable usage?

If we detect a usage that exceeds this policy, we will contact you to determine the cause and seek a solution to it.

If it is not possible to solve it, we do not receive a response from you, there is a lack of cooperation or it is recurrent over time, we may be forced to limit the features of the contracted service or block access to it.

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