How to renew a domain

How do I know that my domain can be renewed

When a domain can be renewed, we will see a notification on our customer area like the one showed on the next screenshot.

Renew domain 1

How can i do the renewal?

To do it we will click on "Renewables" (see past screenshot).

This step will take us to the renewable domains list

Renew domain 2

In this screen we only need to click on the desired domain, in our case we only have one domain, and we will go to the domain admin page.

Renew domain 3

At this point, we need to click on "Renew Domain", And the domain will be added to our shopping cart. Next we will click on it.

Renew domain 4

The last step is to mark that we have read and accept the Terms and Conditions And click one of the "Pay Purchase" buttons.

Renew domain 5

Finally, we will click on the desired payment method to finish the renewal.

Renew domain 6

Remember that not all the extensions change his expiration date immediately