Webmail, your email anywhere

The importance of accessing your mail

Nowadays, using electronic mail is vital for daily communications, this is already a fact. All our hosting plans incorporate a series of powerful web mail managers which give you access to your emails as if you were at your usual work station from any location in the world, 24 hours a day.

But... what is Webmail?

It is a Web environment developed as if it were a desktop application, but simultaneously light and quick. In addition, thanks to the IMAP protocol you can have your PC and Webmail emails synchronized in such a way that they will be saved on the server and the files and messages on your account will be accessible from any location.

Main features

Simple & intuitive interface

Webmail allows you to easily manage your email from any location and with a simple interface that is easy to get used to.


It has a complete calendar which will enable you to better manage your time and receive alerts if you program your tasks.

Contacts & groups

You can manage your contacts database, and these will be added as you contact your friends.

Notes (PostIt style)

You can create reminder notes, with the advantage of being able to access them from any location.

Advanced Filters per account

Create filters at server level so that some emails in particular are moved to a folder, deleted, forwarded or whatever you wish. You will have complete control over all actions at just a few clicks.

Drag & Drop

You can select one or multiple messages and move them to whatever folder you wish by just clicking and dragging, this simplicity of use is one of the major virtues of WebMail.

SPAM Management

The nightmare of spam mail will be more bearable as you will be able to define your own rules, add addresses to the white list, increase the sensitivity of the filters, configure the manner in which you receive messages marked as SPAM, etc...

Organization of email by threads (Gmail style)

Treat your emails as if they were conversations, by so doing you will be able to easily see the replies in a simple tree structure, and continue to see the previous replies as the conversation progresses.

Vacation message

Define a message for when you are out of the office or on holiday, this will automatically be sent to anyone who sends you an email. In addition, it will only be repeated every 5 days per sender, avoiding inconvenience.

Spell check

Forget about spelling mistakes and easily correct the text of your emails in the more than 10 languages at your disposal via a powerful correction tool we include free of charge.

Email accounts extendable
by tags

When associating your email to a website you can do so in the following manner:


Following the + there could be any data whatsoever, and if it is the name of a folder the system will automatically move it to that folder the minute it is received. Failing this, you will be able to manage and order your mail using filters. You will better control the origin of emails and thereby any potential SPAM.

About Webmail

Created by:

Roundcube Webmail

Webmail is an open source project developed by Roundcube, Webmail permits the management of e-mail accounts under a domain like a desktop based software. Webmail uses web standards XHTML and CSS2 in all of the available designs, permitting the compatibility with different browsers.

For more information check out Roundcube's official website