Free Whois Privacy

Hide the public data from the domain's Whois, protecting your identity as well as your e-mail and phone number. We offer you this service completely free for the domains you manage with us.

What is Whois?

It's the service that permits you to know the availability of a domain and identify the owner in real time.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) requires all domains to show the real data of the registrants and other contacts publicly, permitting them to be queried by anyone without need to authenticate or contact the registrar that manages the domain. It could be used by anyone for unintended purposes such as: sending spam, identity theft, telemarketing campaigns, privacy violation, etc.

Note that in the absence of real data displayed in the domain's Whois, it could lead to lose the domain, as required by ICANN.

You can see the data of any domain using our website, click here for it.

I don't want my data to be found! What can I do to avoid it?

We understand how much you care about your privacy on the Internet, possibly more if you're an individual. For this reason we offer you the "Whois Privacy" service, it allows you to hide your data for free.

To all effects you will remain the owner of the domain and have total control over it. In your client area your data will still appear. You can also activate or deactivate this service at any time, without waiting.

Our competitors often offer this service by paying an annual fee with a cost between 4 and 15 euro. We offer you this service completely free with the domain registration.

Note that some extensions don't permit this service, some of them are: .ES, .IT, .FR y .EU. View all

Whois Privacy, before and after

How does the Whois Privacy work?

At the moment you activate the service we replace your data with ours. Your e-mail address will also be replaced to an e-mail address with this format, but you'll still receive the e-mails as we resend them to the e-mail address associated to your domain. By displaying our data we act as intermediaries in postal and fax communications. We'll resend you all received documents from third parties via e-mail, without additional costs.

How do I activate this service in my domain?

You can activate the service from your client area with a few clicks.

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Extensions that support Whois Privacy

Due to different regulations in each extension, some of them don't permit the use of this type of service and must show the real registrant data. Visit the page of each TLD to check the availability of this service.