Steps to transfer a .es,, or domain

Before beginning the transfer process you must make sure you have access to the account of the domain’s administrative contact as the request is received in said email account and you must have access to it in order to accept it. If you don’t know which email address it is you can go to the Whois tab on our website and enter the domain name in order to find out all the data relating to it.

If you don’t have access to the email account contact the current registrar to get it changed to one that you do have access to.

To begin the process, click on Domains -> Transfer domain tab, enter the domain to be transferred, then access to the shopping cart, edit the contact data and select a Hosting plan if you so desire.

Once the order has been paid for, the system will automatically process the order and the administrative contact e-mail account will recieve an e-mail from in order to accept or cancel the transfer of your domain..

After accepting the transfer, a few minutes later the domain will appear as “Active” in the client area.

  • In case the transfer is not accepted in the 10 days after the transfer request, the transfer will be cancelled automatically.

If you are going to transfer your hosting, you should do a** backup** of the files that make up your website and the databases (if you use it) so you can upload them to our servers. If your website uses databases, you will have to edit the configuration files to point to the new database. Also consider that the e-mail accounts are not transferred, so you will have to create them here, if you don't want to lose your old e-mails, you should download them to your pc with a e-mail program.

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