Import your to

To transfer our blog created on to our we may follow those steps:

Export your blog from

1 - Log in into and then go to our blog management area within the WP Admin option.

2 - Click on Tools and then Export.

3 - Click on Start Export (Free option) and we’ll see those options:

If you want to export all the content select the first option All content and then click on Download Export File.

Import the content to your

1 - Enter your WordPress management area from _ _with your username and password, go to Tools and click on Import:

2 - Click the WordPress option and then Install Now:

3 - Then click Activate Plugin & Run Importer

4 - We will be able to upload the content using the Select file option and then clicking on Upload file and import

5 - Now we can import and assign the entries to an existing user or create another one:

Select the user we want assign the entries and check the Download and import file attachments option. Then click Submit and all the content will be uploaded.

Do you need help?

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Where to start?

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