Buying and selling domains through SedoMLS

Obtain high quality domain names that identify your business at a fair prices has never been so easy. Sell them, too.

Now you can buy and sell domains automatically and securely from MrDomain, for it we use the technology provided by SedoMLS, that permits you to buy direct and immediately domains registered even in other domain registrars.

Sell domains

To guarantee the maximum visibility of your domains for sale we've implemented in our system the SedoMLS platform, where other registrars from around the World participate. Adding your domain will make it appear in million searches made also in other registrars.

Add domains for sale to our system is very easy, simply register in Sedo and add the domains in their system with a fixed price, after this, activate "SedoMLS Premium". Once the domains have been added into their system you'll receive an e-mail to authorize them to be listed in your MrDomain customer account. Once accepted they'll appear listed in all registrars participating in SedoMLS. You can find more details here.

Buy domains

Buy premium domains from our search engine is really easy, simply search for your domain and add it into the shopping cart.

Once you've found an interesting domain press the “Buy domain” button, configure it and it will be added to the shopping cart, you only must complete the purchase and after a few minutes the domain will be managed from your customer area.

Make money with your domains

Register in Sedo from the following button and start making money with your domain portfolio.

Do you need help?

Our support team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have before you take your first step into the digital world.

Where to start?

The first step for your new project is to search for an available domain.

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