SSL Certificates: Domain Validation

DonDominio Domain SSL

  • Instant certification
  • Valid for 1 domain

DonDominio Multi-Domain SSL

  • Instant certification
  • Valid for 3 domains

DonDominio WildCard SSL

  • Instant certification
  • Valid for subdomains

DonDominio Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

  • Instant certification
  • Valid for multiple domains and subdomains

All domain validation certificates

Domain Validated SSL Certificates have the fastest issuing time, this is because they only need to verify that the domain pertains to you. Thanks to it you will be able to obtain your SSL certificate at a very low cost and in a record time.

Site seal

The Secured Site Seal permits you to show your visitors what type of security your site has, this will increase their trust when making financial transactions or sending sensible information in your site.


Warranty provided by the certificate issuer to your customers in case of financial loss as a direct result of relying on a certificate that was issued through his negligence.


The security level of a SSL Certificate is determined by the encryption level supported by the visitors browser and the web server where te site is hosted. With the correct combination between browser and web server you will be able to establish secure connections with an encryption up to 256-bit using a SSL Certificate.

Key code

Thanks to the key the security is increased because the complexity of the encryption key used to issue the SSL Certificate.

Unlimited servers

In case of hosting provider or IP change it won't be necessary to issue a new SSL Certificate.

Free reissue

In case of loss of your SSL certificate you would be able to issue it again without additional costs.

Validation process

Domain Validation (DV) for SSL Certificates is the fastest available validation process, because of its simplicity you will be able to obtain your SSL Certificate in only a few minutes.
To complete the validation you simply have to respond to an e-mail that is automatically sent to your e-mail address.

Important: It's not possible to validate domains with active Whois Privacy services, this is because the e-mail is sent to the e-mail account that appears at the whois results. In case you're using a Whois Privacy Service you would need to deactivate it temporarily in order to complete this validation step.

Types of SSL certificates

Find the certificate you need according to the brand, the type of validation or the number of supported domains. You can also compare all of them here.

Domain validation

Verified through a code that will be sent to an email address of the domain.

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Business validation

Verified by email, supplying business documents and a phone call.

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Extended validation (EV)

Verified by email, business documents, a phone call and signing a special EV validation form.

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Single domain

Add SSL security to one single domain, these are normally the cheapest certificates.

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Add SSL security to multiple domains with one single SSL certificate.

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Wildcard (subdomains)

The best option in case you need to add SSL security to multiple subdomains.

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