How to edit the Hosts file

The Hosts file is a doc hosted into your computer. This file defines the connection IP for each domain when you try to connect from your computer. If you edit it you’ll be able to connect to another IP when tries to access into a domain.

Important: Between the IP and the domain must be a tabulation.

We can find the IP from the “DNS Zone” tab into the hosting management panel. To obtain it, we go to “Admin > My domains” and click over the hosting/“Redirect & Parking” service, then we’ll see “DNS Zone”. The first entry will have the IP.


We will create a shortcut to simplify the edition.

  • Right-click the desktop, and then click “New > Shortcut”. Into the filed “Location” type:

"C:Program FilesWindowsNTAccessorieswordpad.exe" “C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts”
  • Then execute the shortcut and the Notepad will start with the Hosts file opened. Now we must add the entries:
 IP yourdomain.tld IP www.yourdomain.tld
  • Save the changes.

IOS / Linux:

  • Open the command line
  • Type the command:
    sudo nano /etc/hosts
  • Enter your user password and the file will be opened. Then add:

IP yourdomain.tld IP www.yourdomain.tld
  • Save the changes and exit.