Payment Methods

There are direct methods of payment, with which you can make immediate payment, and other indirect methods, which you can use to pay funds into your account and subsequently spend as you make your purchases.

Direct payment methods

Fast and secure payments for immediate registrations

Credit/Debit card

You can pay with credit or debit card: Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We use the Redsys platform, all your payment data will be encrypted using an SSL certificate.

Accepted credit cards:   


You can use PayPal to make your purchases. It you security and immediacy, without your financial information being sent to third parties.


Make your domains, hosting and SSL certificates purchases quickly and easily with Bizum. You will only have to indicate your phone number, enter your Bizum password and validate the operation.
Do you don't know how to get your Bizum password? You can check it from here.

Form of payment available for residents in Spain.


Ebanx is a payment gateway focused on the Latin American market with which you can make your online purchases with local payment methods.

It is currently available to customers located in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Ecuador.

Indirect payment methods

Can only be used as Account balance

Many advantages

  • Immediate payments
  • Exclusive payment methods
  • More comfort
  • Automatic renewals
  • Never expire

Account balance

What is it?

It's a purse in your customer account you can use quick and easy to complete your purchases. It will also allow the services marked as autorenewal to be renewed without having to worry about their expiration date.

You can insert money into your account balance using any payment method with a minimum of 30 euro except wire transfer (no minimum).

You can also make a wire transfer or request a diret debit. This payment methods are exclusively for inserting money into your account balance.

How does it work?

It's a requirement to be registered as a customer to make use of this payment method.

Follow this steps to insert credit:

  1. Access your Client area
  2. Clic on My account
  3. Select the option Insert credit into Account balance
  4. Select a payment method
  5. Enter the desired amount or note the necessary data in case of a wire transfer.

The money will be available immediately, except in wire transfers and direct debit.

Wire transfer

With this payment method you don't have minimum or maximum limit to insert money into your account balance. You'll get it in 24/48 hours once the transaction has been reconciled.


You can insert balance using your IBAN and the amount will be automatically charged. Because of being a manual process your balance will be updated within 24/48 hours.