WildCard Multidomain

The only SSL certificate that supports
wildcards and multiple domains

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Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

Protect your domain

Issued in a few minutes,
verified by e-mail

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DonDominio Domain SSL only

Your Green Bar SSL Certificate

starting at 126,95 €

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Wildcard SSL

Secure unlimited subdomains
with one single certificate

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Wildcard Certificates starting at

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DonDominio SSL Certificates

The cheapest certificates of his kind. Validate your domain with the same security as Comodo's.

Single domain 4,95€


Multidomain 39,95€


WildCard 55,95€


Free SSL Certificate

for 90 days


Comodo Positive SSL

The cheapest available SSL certificate, installed and running in only a few minutes.

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only 5,95€

Extended validation

Obtain security and the best reliable image for your visitors.

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only 126,95€

Gotham National, Inc [US]

Business validation

Data encryption for companies that need an inexpensive solution.

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only 27,95€


Wildcard SSL Certificates

Add SSL security to unlimited subdomains with Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard.

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Starting at 71,95€

Multidomain SSL Certificates

Multiple domains under one single certificate with Comodo Positive Multi-Domain SSL

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Starting at 42,95€

Starting at 4,95 €

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Starting at 5,95 €

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Starting at 54,95 €

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Starting at 9,95 €

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Starting at 279,95 €

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Starting at 36,95 €

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Starting at 51,95 €

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