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RapidSSL SSL Certificates

Actually there are many different SSL Certificate brands and types. To choose the SSL Certificate that is right for your needs you have to decide what type of validation of the certificate you need: Domain, Business or Extended, your budget is also important, as more expensive the SSL is, more features and trust it will offer. Also, one of the factors is the SSL type, there are multiple SSL types, ones secure only one domain, others also all subdomains or even others that secure multiple domains and subdomains.

Below you will find a comparison table with the SSL Certificates offered by RapidSSL, one of the most known brands because of their pricing and certificate quality.

Certificate name Validation Trademark Price/year Security SiteSeal Encrypted Key Warranty Years Refund
RapidSSL Standard Domain RapidSSL 9,95 € Single domain Static >256-bit 2048 bits $10.000 1 30 days
RapidSSL Wildcard
Domain RapidSSL 91,95 € Unlimited subdomains Static >256-bit 2048 bits $5.000 1 30 days