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Issuance in about 1-10 days

High Security High trust level
Single Domain Valid for one domain
Dynamic Site Seal Shows your reliability

All personal data transferred online will be secured. With the Thawte Web Server EV Certificate you will be able to confirm your site's identity for your business partners, employees or even other users. Obtain up to 256-bit encryption for mail servers, intranets and other web applications with the Thawte Web Server EV Certificate certificate.

With Thawte Web Server EV Certificate you will obtain a Trusted Site Seal Logo you can add to your site, domain and extended validation as well as free reissues. Also, you won't need to be worried about browser versions, SSL Certificates issued by Thawte have one of the highest available browser compatibilities, becoming compatible with 99,9% of browsers.


Type of validation of the certificate. It can be a domain, business or extended validation.


Warranty provided by the certificate issuer to your customers in case of financial loss as a direct result of relying on a certificate that was issued through his negligence.


The security level of a SSL Certificate is determined by the encryption level supported by the visitors browser and the web server where te site is hosted. With the correct combination between browser and web server you will be able to establish secure connections with an encryption up to 256-bit using a SSL Certificate.


Thanks to the key the security is increased because the complexity of the encryption key used to issue the SSL Certificate.

2048 bits
Subdomains (Wildcard)

Wildcard permit you to use the same certificate under multiple subdomains of a same domain.

For example:
Site Seal

The Dynamic Site Seal permits you to show your visitors what type of security your site has, increasing their trust to your site.

Unlimited servers

In case of hosting provider or IP change it won't be necessary to issue a new SSL Certificate.


Number of years you can purchase this certificate.

Free Reissue

In case of loss of your SSL certificate you would be able to issue it again without additional costs.

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More information

Extended Validation

It is a Extended Validation SSL Certificate, this means that after validating your domain and your business documentation, you will also need to send additional information to the issuer.

Single Domain Certificate

With this certificate you will be able to add SSL Security to one single domain or subdomain, the cost of this type of certificates is under the cost of Multidomain SSL Certificates or Wildcard SSL Certificates (subdomains).