What do I do if I have problems deleting FTP folders?

If, when trying to delete an FTP folder you get an error message, it can be due to various reasons. These are the solutions to the most common problems:

  • The folder has hidden files:
    You must activate the viewing of these type of files (hidden) in your FTP client programme and delete them before deleting the folders in which they are located.
  • The FTP account you are using is not the owner of the file:
    This happens when you upload files with an FTP account and try to delete them with a different account, or when you try to delete files by FTP that had been generated a script (PHP, CGI,...) or installation programme (PHPNUKE,…).
    Try to use the proprietary FTP account.

In any case, you can always ask the technical service the deletion of a folder with which you are experiencing problems through the tickets in your Client Area.

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