How to modify php.ini (.user.ini)

What is the .user.ini and how can it help us?

Using the .user.ini we can modify some PHP limits, modifying the server limits too (also known as php.ini), some of that parameters are, for example, max_input_file_size, upload_max_file_size, etc.

This file must be always on the folder that we want to take effect, and it will apply also on the subdirectories.

How to add a directive on our .user.ini

To do it, we just need to create a file named .user.ini and edit it. It's possible that some FTP clients don't allow you to edit .ini files, so you simply need to change the name to .user.ini.txt, edit it, and rename it again to .user.ini

Once in, we will add the directives like this:

Directive = value


To increase the maximum size of the files that we can upload ( to do it we mus increase too the maximum size of the POST that we send to the server).

upload_max_filesize = 60M
post_max_size = 60M

Show errors generated by the application:

display_errors = on

And so with each of the directives that can be modified.

Important:: When you modify your .user.ini file, changes may take up to 300 second to be effective. So we recommend to wait this time to see if they have been correctly applied.

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