Help: Glossary of Terms

All the concepts related to domains, web hosting, Internet, etc ...

  • AuthCode The EPP-KEY AuthCode is an authorization code that is associated with a particular domain, with it we can accept the transfer of the domain from one registrar to another. Not all extensions uses AuthCode , for example, .ES domains. Read More
  • ccTLD A ccTLD is a territorial domain extension, that belongs to a country. The territorial extensions, such as the .ES domains uses the country codes ISO 3166-1. Read More
  • DNS The Domain Name System (DNS) is a global database that stores the locations of all the Web pages of the World, this information is used by the various Registries to enable access to the server hosting accessing through your browser or FTP client. All domains need to have between two and seven configured DNS to function properly. Read More
  • DNS Zone DNS Zone of the hosting plan allows you to target multiple entries to external server, so you can use external services, such as: -Use a hosting service with us and the e-mail service with Google Apps. Read More
  • Domain We call domain to the address by which you can access a server without using its IP. Before the emergence of the domains we had to access to the information on the Internet using the IP address of the machine on which it was housed, the main problem is that it is more difficult to memorize an IP address such as that a domain such as Read More
  • Domain contacts The contacts associated to a domain (owner, administrative, billing or technical) indicate who can you contact. This information is generally displayed when we make a whois of the domain. Read More
  • E-mail The e-mail is a service for sending and receiving messages/files quickly between users. An email can be sent by a user anywhere in the world in seconds for free, so its use has expanded massively in recent years. Read More
  • FTP The FTP (File Transfer Protocol), allows us to send data to the hosting server that we hired, these data can then be viewed by our website visitors. When performing an FTP connection, a link is established between your computer and the server on which you purchased the property. The port 21 is used for this service. Read More
  • gTLD A gTLD is a generic extension, that are not controlled/managed by any country (as with the territorial extensions or ccTLDs), gTLD is managed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) nad others agencies. Some of the generic extensions are: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz... Read More
  • IDN We call IDN or Internationalized Domain Name to an Internet domain that contains at least one specific linguistic character of a language as is the case of Spanish, in wich will be included the domains that contains the Ñ. For the moment, this kind of domains don't allow the utilization of e-mail accounts associated with them, this is because the mail servers and mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc..) are not adapted to it. Read More
  • IP Address The IP direction identifies a machine (normally a computer, a server, mobile, ...) on internet. There are static IP addresses, used by hosting servers or services connected to the network permanently. Read More
  • MySQL MySQL is a database system, which lets you save web application data, so you can have users access systems, news, blog, online store, and so on. When free, this database system is used by many of the CMS of the market that uses PHP, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, osCommerce, ... Read More
  • PHP PHP is a free cross-platform programming language, used primarily for dynamic web page creation, its ability to connect to MySQL Database has make that this language has become one of the most ​​used in web pages. PHP source code is invisible to the web browser, this makes that visitors don't have access to the code that generates the web, just the HTML output that will generate your code, so it is a safe programming language. Read More
  • Port The port is a numbered interface communication via Web. Depending on the port that we use on a connection, we will be communicating with a service or another, for example, 80 is the web port, in the case of FTP would be the 21. Read More
  • Registrar The Registar, is the company that offers domains name registration to individuals and businesses. There are different types of Registrars, officials like DonDominio, which have official accreditation in the various Registries and manage the domains directly, and Resellers, who contract the domains to other companies, this type of registration does not have direct control over the domain, so in the event of any type of problem or issue can not manage the solution quickly, they must escalate the incident to the Registrar used in the domain registration, extending the reaction time to solve it. Read More
  • Registry We call Registry to the company or organization who manages one or various domain extensions. This organizations allows that other companies are accredited as Registrars in his system, allowing the management of domain name registration under this extension. Read More
  • Safe mode The safe_mode are some safety guidelines that are implemented on the server in our hosting plans. Safe_mode enabled Read More
  • TLD The TLD or Top Level Domain is the lasta part of a domain, like the .com, .es, .net, .tel, ... There are several types of TLDs, some of them are generic (gTLDs) such as for example .com or .net, and the territorial or ccTLDs, like .es (Spain), .de (Germany), .uk (United Kingdom), ... Read More
  • Web hosting We call "Web hosting" or space hosting service at the space in which is stored the information that you show when someone visit our domain with a web browser. Once you have a hosting plan you can upload via FTP to the server the files that make up the web, for this you will need the access data to FTP, which will receive via e-mail when you buy a hosting plan or from your client account in the management of the hosting plan contract. Read More
  • Whois WHOIS is a public database in which the data of the ownership of the domains is stored, also showing their expiration dates. Domain information (WHOIS) is always shown on the Internet, you can make the query from any Internet domain from our WHOIS tab and see the data of the ownership. This is required by ICANN and specifies our contract. Read More