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What are generic domains?

Generic domains are the most used because of their popularity, they were the first domains to be available to register, some of them are .com, .net or .org, among others.

Generic domains normally don't have special requirements to be able to register them, in case of .jobs for example, it's necessary to meet certain requirements before the domain name can be registered, you'll find more information about this accessing the informative website of every one of this extensions. There are also other extensions that, even being initially restrictive, modified their requirements allowing them to be easily registered by registrants, like for example pro or .travel domains, among others.

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Top generic domains

  • comCommercial13,95 € / year
  • netNetwork13,95 € / year
  • orgOrganization12,95 € / year
  • catCatalan9,95 € / year
  • infoInformation17,95 € / year
  • proProfessional17,95 € / year
  • xxxAdults79,95 € / year
  • asiaAsia13,95 € / year

New gTLDs

An authentic avalanche of new domain extensions is coming, also called new gTLDs or new domains, a new opportunity to finally get the domain that better defines your business, project or personal site.

Get informed with us about every one of them and even reserve yours easily and totally free.

What does the domain reservation involve?

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Free services for your domains

A wide range of advantages you'll discover registering your domain in MrDomain

Renovaciones automáticas

Automatic renewals

Enable the automatic renewal of your domain and don't worry any more about renewal dates.

Control total de DNS

Complete DNS control

Manage the DNS of your domain to use an external hosting if you want so.

Bloqueo de modificaciones

Modification lock

Avoid possible mistakes locking the modifications of your domains.

Bloqueo de transferencias

Transfer lock

Blocking the transfers you'll avoid your domain to be transferred, either by mistake or intentionally.

Gestión de contactos

Contact management

Manage all the contact data of your domains with ease.

Bulk Changes

If you've got a huge domain portfolio, make configuration changes will be a breeze. More information

Redirección y Parking

Redirect & Parking

All our domains include the possibility to be redirected to another completely for free or activate a courtesy personalised page if you don't plan to use the domain immediately. More information

Whois Privacy

Whois Privacy

Our free Whois Privacy service permits you to hide your public data that can be seen when doing a Whois query on one of your registered domains. More information

Activación inmediata

Immediate activation

In a so competitive and globalized domain market, a delay when registering a domain can mean that somebody could register the domain before you.